Galp maintains waiver of Aljezur borehole

Galp guaranteed, in a statement, that the decision that annuls the suspension of the license for the Aljezur borehole does not change

Photo: Gonçalo Dourado/Sul Informação

Galp will not go back with the intention of renouncing the concession for prospecting and exploration of oil off Aljezur, despite the recent decision of the Central Administrative Court (TCA) of the South, which revoked the decision of the Administrative Court of Loulé to suspend the license for the drilling.

Who guarantees it is the company itself, in a statement, which states that "this court decision does not change the consortium's decision to voluntarily renounce the concession", despite "giving reason to the Eni/Galp consortium with regard to the interim injunction by various organizations, which halted the work of prospecting for hydrocarbons off the Portuguese coast».

"Galp regrets, once again, that this process has made it impossible to assess energy resources in the country's offshore maritime space, a project that represented a clear opportunity for Portugal's economic development and for the reduction of its energy and trade deficit" , adds the company.

Despite this and other guarantees given by Eni/Galp and the Government that there was a formal waiver by the consortium of the concession off Aljezur, the Platform Algarve Livre de Petróleo (PALP) wants to see the document where this waiver was made official.

It was following an injunction filed by the PALP that the Loulé Court suspended the Aljezur borehole, a decision now overturned by the higher court.

The movement criticized the decision of the TCA of the South and promised that he would not lower his arms in the fight against oil prospecting and exploration.