Frusoal launches Gomo and Biogomo brands to enhance the flavor of Algarve citrus fruit

Launch at a fair in Berlin was attended by the Minister of Agriculture Luís Capoulas Santos

Frusoal, the leading producer organization in the production of citrus fruits in Portugal, today launched its own brands for Citrus fruits in the Algarve in Berlin. Gomo is the brand aimed at superior citrus fruit Premium, while Biogomo will sell organically produced oranges.

With a focus on internationalization, the two brands were presented on the first day of Fruit Logistica, the world's largest fruit and vegetable fair that runs until Friday in the German capital and attracts 78 thousand visitors from 130 countries.

The launch was attended by the Minister of Agriculture Luís Capoulas Santos.

Currently, close to 25% of Frusoal's sales, which started its activity in 1990 and has close to a hundred associated producers, are already made abroad. Spain, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Switzerland and Poland are the organisation's priority markets, which is also exploring new geographies such as Norway and Sweden.

The launch of the two brands aims, according to their managers, «to strengthen Frusoal's exports and enhance the flavor of the Algarve's citrus fruit, namely higher caliber oranges, as well as organically produced oranges – including those with the IGP classification – Indication Protected Geographic'.

Known for their thin, intensely colored and bright rind, but above all for their high juice content with a very sweet taste, these citrus fruits are produced in more than a dozen municipalities in the Algarve region.

Due to the characteristics of its soils and, above all, its microclimate, the Algarve produces high quality citrus fruit, with more and better flavor.

«We are present in markets close to the Center of Europe, which, given its proximity, allows us to work with more ripe fruit and, therefore, with more flavor», highlights Pedro Madeira, managing partner of Frusoal.

If it is because of the flavor that Frusoal has conquered the market, the company felt that there was still no distinctive brand that would identify the sweetest segments of the Algarve citrus fruit, both in the domestic market and abroad.