Minister of the Sea recognizes "slip of deadlines" of the works of the Port of Cruzeiros de Portimão

The start of the intervention, which was scheduled for the second quarter of 2019, should no longer take place in this legislature

The Minister of the Sea recognized yesterday, in the Assembly of the Republic, the "sliding of deadlines" in the intervention to improve the conditions of accessibility and maritime infrastructure of the Port of Cruzeiros de Portimão.

The start of the intervention was announced by the Government for the second quarter of this year, the project is expected to be completed in 2020.

Minister Ana Paula Vitorino's statement was made in response to José Carlos Barros, PSD deputy elected by the Algarve, at the regimental hearing of the Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture and the Sea.

At the hearing, the parliamentarian from Algarve wanted to know if the Environmental Impact Statement for this project had already been issued and if, accordingly, the respective procedure was favorably concluded.

In response, Ana Paula Vitorino informed that «there were more complex aspects related to archeology» during the process of Environmental Impact Assessment, which led to the "need to prepare additional studies" and a "slip of deadlines" for the launch of the project.

According to José Carlos Barros, «this is another regrettable example of public investment announced for the Algarve in this legislature and which will not be implemented», in a work of «particular strategic importance for tourism and the economy of the Region».

For the contract to widen the maneuvering basin and improve the navigation channel and the conditions for receiving passengers at the Port of Cruises in Portimão, an investment of 17.5 million euros has been announced.