A fire in a house in Alferce leaves an 87-year-old man homeless

The victim was taken to the Hospital de Portimão, where he is under observation

An 87-year-old man was left homeless after seeing the fire consume his house, located in Alferce, Monchique, close to midnight last night. The elderly man was transported to the Hospital de Portimão after complaints that he was dizzy and that he was weak.

Second revealed to Sul Informação the mayor of Monchique Rui André, this case «is being closely followed by the Social Action Services of the municipality, in conjunction with the Casa do Povo of Alferce», an institution that already provided support to the victim «in terms of food and of hygiene'.

«This is a person who has some mobility and vision difficulties, so I already receive this support», said Rui André.

The fire alert was given at 23:50 and, despite "the very quick response of the Fire Department", the roof of the house was consumed and collapsed on one of the rooms.

“The house is in a place that was heavily affected by the summer fire. At the time, some houses around it were damaged, but this one was not. This has now happened», lamented the mayor of Monchique.

The cause of the fire is not yet known.

The man tried to fight the flames by his own means and, when questioned by the firefighters, "said he was dizzy and showed signs of a lot of fatigue, probably due to smoke inhalation, so we thought it would be best to take him to the hospital."

Today, at the end of the day, the elderly person was still “under observation in the intensive care of the Hospital de Portimão”.

“We don't know when he will be discharged, it could be today or it may take a few days. But we will guarantee a solution for your relocation», assured Rui André to Sul Informação.

The victim will be taken in “in a residential structure for the elderly” in the municipality, which will, in principle, be the home of the Santa Casa da Misericórdia in Monchique.

Although the beds contracted with this IPSS are «all occupied», the Monchiquense mayor says that it will be able to accommodate «one more person». “There would be 80 more people. If that is not possible, we also have the possibility of taking him to Marmelete», he guaranteed.