PALP promotes debate on adaptation to climate change

The debate takes place at a time when the Action Program for Adaptation to Climate Change is under public consultation

The Algarve Free Oil Platform (PALP) will promote a session on climate change on the 19th of November, at 18 pm, at NERA – Business Association of the Algarve Region, in Loulé.

Luís Fazendeiro, PhD candidate in the Doctoral Program in Climate Change and Sustainable Development Policies, and Inês Rafael and Lídia Terra, from the Loulé City Council's Climate Change Adaptation Operational Unit, were invited by the organizers to speak on the topic.

The initiative is promoted at a time when is the public consultation on the Climate Change Adaptation Program of Action (P-3AC) – lasts until 28 November – which will determine “the measures to adapt to climate change that should be implemented in Portugal and that aim to respond to the main impacts and vulnerabilities identified”.

Thus, the platform decided to promote this session, where the “impacts, associated risks and (adaptation) measures will be debated, as well as the importance of citizen participation in public consultation».

The importance of this debate is the fact that, according to several studies, Portugal is among the countries “potentially most affected by climate change, facing a variety of potential impacts such as increases in the frequency and intensity of droughts, floods, flash floods, heat waves, rural fires, erosion and coastal overtopping'.

Thus, adaptation measures “are crucial for increasing the resilience of communities, as well as sectors relevant to the goals of carbon neutrality, in particular for agriculture and forestry, industry, residential and services and for renewable energies”.

This session will also serve to clarify the current status of the processes brought by the platform, to try to stop prospecting for hydrocarbons off Aljezur and to appeal for the support of the population in the fundraising that is underway.

“We recently received excellent news that Galp and Eni have taken the decision to abandon the offshore oil exploration and exploration project off the Natural Park of Southwest Alentejo and Costa Vicentina. However, we are still awaiting official confirmation that the three contracts have, in fact, been cancelled, and the legal process associated with the Aljezur scoop remains in court. Neither the concessionaires nor the Ministry of the Sea have yet given any indication about it”, according to PALP.