The pedestrian trail that connects Monchique to Caldas is now reopened

Half a hundred people contributed around 300 euros, which will be used to help families plant fruit trees on their land.

Half a hundred people took part this Saturday, the 17th, in the solidarity walk between Monchique and Caldas, a pedestrian route of about 10 kilometers, which has now been reopened after the great fire in August.

On a misty day, but still without rain, the group of hikers, including João Fernandes, president of the Algarve Tourism Region, Sara Fernandes, from the QRER cooperative, responsible for Algarve Walking Season, and also João Ministro, from the Nature tourism company ProActiveTur, began by meeting in Largo de S. Sebastião, next to the tourist office…and the noisy assistance park of Rallye Casinos do Algarve.

João Minister explained the need for reopen a pedestrian trail between Monchique, Picota and Caldas, since “every week, tourists arrive to go hiking in the mountains and it was necessary to find alternative routes, as the previous ones were badly destroyed by fire.

Guided by Bruno Rodrigues, also from ProActiveTur, the group of hikers of various nationalities then followed through hills and valleys, among vegetation untouched by fire or affected by it, but always in the midst of the richness of the mountains, passing at the base of Picota and reaching as far as to Caldas de Monchique.

And what was seen was a nature that is already being reborn, in the strength of the arbutus and eucalyptus shoots, of the green leaves of the cork oaks affected by the flames, but which in the end survived. Or in the mushrooms that grow on the slopes and in strawberry trees loaded, at the same time, with flowers and fruits.

The walk was sometimes made along wider roads, which give access to the many houses scattered throughout this part of the Serra de Monchique, but also along paths flanked by tall trees and by furrows dug into the mountain itself by countless feet over the centuries .

It is this mountainous landscape, where there is no lack of water courses, lush vegetation and typical Monchique terraces, that attracts so many hikers to this municipality in the interior of the Algarve.

Upon arrival in Caldas, the group was received with hot tea and cookies from the Algarve, offered by the company that owns Villa Termal de Monchique. Finally, João Fernandes, president of RTA, briefly presented the candidacy that was delivered to promote nature tourism in the Serra de Monchique.

As this walk was also a solidary activity, the registration fee will now revert to Monchique families who need to reforest their land. Nearly 300 euros were raised.

Thus, each entry will now correspond to a fruit tree (Pereiro, Ameixoeira, Limoeiro or Laranjeira), which will be provided by Viveiros Dinis, from Monchique, and which the Associação Ajuda Monchique will distribute, along with a support kit, to the identified families .

The event had the cooperation of the cooperating company proactivetur, who guided the walk, and with the support of Algarve Tourist Region, from Monchique City Council, from Monchique Thermal Villa and Monchique Help Association.


Photos: Elisabete Rodrigues | Sul Informação