Galp's withdrawal from oil exploration is «great news for the Algarve»

Mayor of Aljezur asks for a change in the law that regulates oil exploration "so that the threat is not repeated in the future"

The ENI/Galp consortium's withdrawal from oil exploration off Aljezur «This is great news for the Algarve». The decision advanced by the executive president of Galp was well received by mayors and anti-oil activists, but it is still viewed with some caution until there is confirmation by the Government.

Jorge Botelho, president of the Algarve Intermunicipal Community (AMAL), tells the Sul Informação that this is “good news that supports all those who have always defended that the Algarve should be a hydrocarbon-free region. I remember that a few years ago, when the process started, the municipalities of the Algarve played an important role, together with civil society and associations. This joint work reached the courts and now Galp sees fit to give up the concession».

However, AMAL's president emphasizes that “we are speaking on the assumption that the news is true. I haven't had any contact yet. I just know what came out in the media. We are waiting for confirmation and nothing leads me to believe that the information is not true».

José Gonçalves, mayor of Aljezur, in statements to our newspaper, agrees that Galp's withdrawal “is great news for the municipality, but also for the whole Algarve. It restores normality and tranquility in the region, which this possibility of oil exploration has removed. I am satisfied and happy».

The Aljezurense mayor says he hopes that this will be a "definitive, forever" withdrawal and asks that "the law that regulates this activity be changed so that, in the future, the threat is not repeated."

The Algarve Livre de Petróleo Platform (PALP) is still “cautious” with news of the consortium's withdrawal from proceeding with oil exploration off the coast of Aljezur.

Ana Matias advances the Sul Informação that the platform is “hardly looking for official confirmation but, to be sure, it is one of the happiest moments since the foundation of PALP in 2015. We believe that our struggle had some weight here, as the consortium feels that they are not conditions are met to continue and this is also due to the injunction in force».

PALP is still trying to «understand with the lawyer, now with the company's withdrawal, how our court case will be, from which we were waiting for the decision».