Olhão Auditorium starts October with tango

The Argentine tango show has the «largest audience in Europe»

The show “La Porteña Tango & Eugenia Giordano” takes place this Saturday, October 13, at 21 pm, in the Municipal Auditorium of Olhão. 

This is the «Argentine tango show with the highest audience in Europe», according to the Municipality of Olhão, and marks the start of the October programming of this space in Olhão.

La Porteña Tango is a group that, throughout its vast trajectory, has recorded four CDs and a DVD, produced by Argentine musician Litto Nebbia.

«Scenes from more than 20 countries and 4 continents have already received this show of enormous visual and sound beauty, which is a tribute to one of the most beautiful and universal genres of music and dance – tango», says the municipality.

The show features the special participation of Argentinean singer Eugenia Giordano and pair of dancers Amira Luna and Damián Roezgas, who masterfully fuse scenic tango with ballroom tango.