Loulé Early Music Encounter “Francisco Rosado” celebrates 20 years

Initiative passes through Loulé, Boliqueime, Querença and Almancil

Loulé Mother Church

The 30th Encounter of Ancient Music in Loulé “Francisco Rosado” takes place from 28th September to 20th October and this year celebrates XNUMX years of existence with a commitment to «mostly Portuguese» ensembles and performers. 

The beginning of this Meeting, on Sunday, September 30th, will take place with the concert “Celebrando o Cravo”, with the presence of four “exceptional harpsichordists who will perform concerts by Bach for four (Ana Mafalda Castro, Elsa Santos, Menno Van Delft and João Paulo Janeiro), with Concerto Ibérico orchestra. This musical moment takes place at the Igreja Matriz in Loulé», says the City Council.

On the 7th of October, at the Igreja de São Sebastião, in Boliqueime, the Ensemble de Flautas de Loulé will be present at this Meeting.

This time, the group will be accompanied by a special guest – João Costa, in the visual arts – and together they will tell the legend of Daphne and Apolo. “Visual and musical interpretation of the History of Daphne and Apolo” will be directed by Ana Figueiras, who, after the death of Professor Francisco Rosado, has been responsible for this Ensemble.

This will be followed, on October 14, at the Church of Nossa Senhora da Conceição, in Quarteira, the Music'alta concert «which brings us beautiful European dances on “Alta Capela” instruments such as sackbags and charamelas», explains the autarchy.

“Music by Altos Menistreis – Dances and Songs of the Renaissance” brings us some dances and instrumental versions of XNUMXth century European songs.

At the end of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, the term “Menistreis” designated the group of instrumentalist musicians. They constituted a group of professional musicians who worked for the king, noble, church or municipal power, on a more or less permanent basis. These were often multi-instrumentalists who formed relatively autonomous ensembles.

This will be followed, on October 19, at 21 pm, in the Church of Nossa Senhora da Assunção, in Querença, the celebrations of tears and light in the services of the dead in Coimbra in the 30th century “Requiem de Coimbra”, which we will be able to hear by the group Capela Sanctae Crucis (Portugal/France), a professional laboratory for the study and interpretation of Portuguese polyphony created by Tiago Simas Freire in 2012.

This program is structured by a four-voice Mass for the Dead, anonymous and unpublished, kept at the Coimbra Library.

A very different program will be presented by the group Il Dolcimelo & Ensemble Portingaloise, on October 20, at the Igreja Matriz in Loulé, in “Auto do labyrinth (or Labyrinth of Love)”, a multidisciplinary show of music, dance and drama.

«Based on an extraordinary XNUMXth-century dramatic repertoire, the characters – chosen from among the loving couples – will have their court evenings populated by low and high dances, revealing their choreographic and musical skills. There is no lack of court and revelry instruments, indispensable for dancing or for serenading in the moonlight».

To end this celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Encuentro, there is a “very musical weekend that begins on October 26, at the Church of Nossa Senhora da Assunção, in Alte, with a concert by the Ensemble Contrastes, with a German program from the years of gold from the Baroque period for viola da gamba, bassoon and harpsichord – “Ecos da Solidão” (Germany XNUMXth century)».

Solo, duo and trio works will be performed by some of the most renowned German composers, as well as by some forgotten masters. In addition to the unavoidable Bach and Georg Friedrich Telemann (who recently celebrated the 250th anniversary of his death), the program also includes works by composers such as Johannes Schenck (1660-after 1712), Theodor Schwartzkopf (1659-1732) or Christoph Schaffrath (1709) -1763).

The last musical moment leads to the Church of Nossa Senhora de Fátima, in Almancil, on the 27th of October, the recorder, through the concert by the Flutists of Portugal, which has the presence of prominent flute performers in the current national scene and who will perform solo and ensemble pieces. “Soli&Insieme: Ancient Music for soloists and consort” features Ana Figueiras, António Carrilho, Filipa Oliveira, Pedro Couto Soares and Pedro Sousa Silva.

All concerts start at 21 pm. Admission is free.

Keeping the tradition over 20 years, the pedagogical component will also be highlighted in this last weekend in October, through a course in Alexander Technique, by Pedro Couto Soares (27 October, from 10 am to 00 pm, at the Conservatório de Música de Loulé) and an ensemble music masterclass, by António Carrilho and Pedro Sousa Silva (13 October, from 00 am to 28 pm and from 10 pm to 00 pm, at the Loulé Music Conservatory).

In the year that Loulé «saw the opening of the first public school for specialized music education in the South of the country, this meeting gains even greater importance».