Maritime Police seize two boats and fuel tanks stolen from the Dock of Faro

Maritime Police asks owners to reinforce surveillance on their belongings

Two boats, an engine and six fuel tanks, which the Maritime Police suspect were stolen from the recreational dock in Faro, were apprehended in an operation carried out between 23 and 25 August.

The Maritime Authority explains that, «following the complaints received of some thefts that occurred recently at the recreational dock in Faro and in the adjacent area adjacent to the dock in Ria Formosa, the Local Command of the Maritime Police of Faro has carried out several steps, with the collaboration of several vessel owners, as well as the Ginásio Clube Naval de Faro, concessionaire of the pleasure dock'.

In this operation, «a boat without inscriptions and with a damaged engine was located, and steps were also taken subsequent to the theft of propellers from a vessel, in the recreational dock of Faro».

The investigation into the theft of fuel from "several pleasure boats in the Ria Formosa" resulted in the location and seizure of six fuel tanks.

According to the Maritime Authority, the Maritime Police of Faro "It will continue to take steps to find the offenders and encourages all boat owners to reinforce their vigilance over their belongings, reporting any suspicious attitude."