Shanghai ranking ranks the University of the Algarve among the best in the world

Areas of hospitality, tourism, oceanography and ecology are distinguished

O Shanghai Ranking's Global Ranking of Academic Subjects once again placed the University of Algarve on the list of the best in the world in the areas of Hotel and Tourism, Oceanography and Ecology. 

In the areas of Hotels and Tourism and Oceanography, UAlg appears in the position #101-150 and, in the area of ​​ecology, in the range #201-300.

«The results obtained result, to a large extent, from research in the area of ​​Sea and Environment and Tourism, associated with undergraduate courses such as Marine Biology, Marine and Coastal Management, Biology and Biochemistry, Tourism and Hotel Management, as well as masters and doctorates in these fields», justifies the UAlg.

In this ranking, 52 scientific areas are evaluated, in which up to 500 higher education institutions are listed, among more than 1400 institutions from 80 countries.

The Shanghai Ranking's Global Ranking of Academic Subjects is based on indicators of scientific productivity and research quality, using different indicators collected from internationally recognized databases, such as the number of scientific articles published, the quality of scientific publications measured through the number of articles that integrate the category of the most cited in the area under evaluation, the number of citations, articles published with international collaboration (internationalization index) and awards received.

This is a ranking that considers absolute values ​​in one of the main indicators (number of publications), not relativizing based on the size of the institutions, which makes the smaller ones at a disadvantage.

«The ranking of Shanghai is one of the most prestigious in the world, being also the oldest», concludes UAlg.