“Return to Palestine” takes the stage of Cine-Teatro Louletano

The «unsettling» theater play “Return to Palestine” by Freedom Theater, a group from that country, takes to the stage […]

The «unsettling» theater play “Return to Palestine”, by Freedom Theater, a group from that country, takes to the stage of the Cine-Teatro Louletano next Friday, April 13, at 21 pm. 

«“Return to Palestine” results from the sharing of real stories, of testimonies in a sarcastic, comic and tragic style, told by the inhabitants of the refugee camps. It is a form of denunciation that helps to resist segregation, the harshness of living under the Israeli occupation in Palestine, a reality of the "other world", in which the actors recreate with their bodies the physical and emotional space in which they live, as small as Palestine,” says the Chamber of Loulé.

Jad, a Palestinian born in the USA, decides to visit Palestine for the first time in his life. Wanting to know more about his people and identity, he discovers that the reality is very different from what he sees in the news.

“Return to Palestine” was created in the context of a research and collection of stories, through the form of interactive theater Playback Theater, in which the actors work directly with the communities that are part of Freedom Ride – itinerant initiative of the Freedom Bus that travels from community in community, sharing stories as a way to resist the hardship of living under Israeli occupation in Palestine. This piece brings together true stories told by inhabitants of the Jenin Refugee Camp, Fasayel, Dheisha Refugee Camp, Mufaqara and Gaza.

The direction and dramaturgy of this show is the responsibility of Micaela Miranda, the artistic consultancy is the responsibility of Nabil Al-Raee, the musical consultancy is signed by António Serginho, the coordination of tour Europe is done by Andy Cummins, Playback Theater is tutored by Ben Rivers and production is by Mustafa Sheta.

The cast is composed of Ahmed Tobasi, Amir Abu Al Rob, Ihab Talahmeh, Motaz Malhees, Raneen Odeh and Samah Mahmoud, with musicians Samer Abu Hantash & Nabil Al-Raee, and Adnan Naghnaghiye in technique and logistics.

The Freedom Theater is a community theater and cultural center in Jenin Refugee Camp in the northern part of the occupied West Bank.

The show lasts 60 minutes, is aimed at people over 12 years old and the ticket costs 5 euros.

The organization of this event is the responsibility of DeVIR/CAPa, a structure financed by the Portuguese Republic – Ministry of Culture | Directorate-General for Arts, in an initiative co-financed by “365Algarve”, Municipal Council of Faro, Loulé City Council and Lagos City Council, with the newspaper “Barlavento” as the media partner.