New Family Health Unit in Lagos opens this Friday

The new Family Health Unit in Lagos – the USF Amendoeira – is inaugurated this Friday, the 13th of […]

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The new Family Health Unit in Lagos – the USF Amendoeira – is inaugurated this Friday, April 13, in Lagos. 

The Lagos Health Center will start operating yet another response in the area of ​​primary health care, receiving the county's second Family Health Unit (USF) and the third from the Barlavento Health Centers Group (ACES Barlavento) .

The USF Amendoeira «will enable the establishment of more General and Family Medicine doctors in the municipality of Lagos, allowing an increase in assistance coverage for citizens registered without a family doctor at the Health Centre», says the Câmara de Lagos.

With a dynamic multidisciplinary team consisting of eight doctors, nine nurses and seven clinical secretaries, which will assist a total number of 13600 users, the new USF will provide Primary Health Care in the areas of vaccination, adult and elderly health, to vulnerable groups (child and youth health, maternal health, family planning, cancer screening) and to risk groups (diabetes, high blood pressure and hypocoagulation).

These services will be provided at the Lagos Health Center, from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 am to 20:00 pm, as well as at the extensions of Bensafrim and Odiáxere, which will operate from Monday to Friday, at variable hours, from 8:00 am at 17:00 pm.

Appointments can be scheduled in advance, in person, by phone, e-book or email, at the USF or, in specific cases, at home.

Medical or nursing care on the same day is provided in situations of acute illness or others whose assessment justifies it. In the absence of the respective family team, the USF guarantees its users that the minimum services will be met by other professionals, in an interchange system.

Family Health Units (USF) are small Operational Units of Health Centers with functional and technical autonomy, which contract accessibility, adequacy, effectiveness, efficiency and quality objectives, and guarantee registered citizens a basic portfolio of services

The first USF in Lagos (USF dos Descobrimentos) was inaugurated on May 10, 2016, providing response coverage to 10 inhabitants without a family doctor.