Instituto de Cultura Ibero-Atlântica crosses the ocean and travels with Teixeira Gomes

The Instituto de Cultura Ibero-Atlântica (ICIA) will cross the Atlantic in the wake of the people of the Algarve who searched for Ibero-America over the centuries […]

The Institute of Ibero-Atlantic Culture (ICIA) will pass through the Atlantic in the wake of the Algarveans who sought Ibero-America in the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries, will launch a “spoken Mediterranean magazine” and will promote a competition of “Travel Notebooks” inspired by the itineraries of Manuel Teixeira Gomes.

These are some of ICIA's cultural proposals for the year 2018, which are part of a program approved on Saturday by the institute's associates. And despite the traveling, some at very distant locations, everything will take place in Portimão, where this entity is headquartered.

«Among the planned initiatives, open to the public, there is the presentation of a spoken magazine entitled “Regressos” (in evocation of the homonymous book of chronicles by Manuel Teixeira Gomes), which, on the birthday of the writer and traveler from Portimo, will challenge to reflection on the Mediterranean,” according to the institute.

«“Regressos” will be a magazine of articles, reports and spoken chronicles, debates and interviews, all live, in a privileged setting overlooking the Arade, where there will be no lack of space for Mediterranean fictions and flavors», according to João Ventura, president of the ICI.

Another highlight of the program is the “Travel Notebooks” contest, inspired by the Mediterranean itineraries of Manuel Teixeira Gomes.

This initiative, especially aimed at secondary school students, but open to the participation of the general public, challenges competitors to put themselves in the shoes of traveler Manuel Teixeira Gomes, during his Mediterranean tour, «annotating, drawing and pasting in a notebook the your impressions of travel».

Meanwhile, historian Maria da Graça Mateus Ventura, in cooperation with the History Center of the University of Lisbon, will continue with the project “Mateus culture and cultural identity of the Portuguese in Peru in the modern era: integration and differentiation strategies, based on sources of the Ibero-American archives”.

This study is being carried out using information from the Archivo General de la Nación of Peru and the Archivo Histórico Nacional of Spain and aims to find bridges between the history of the Algarve and that of Ibero-America.

In 2018, the ICIA will also launch an “Algarvian Illustration”, “recovered from the iconic Portuguese magazine Illustration”. This project will consist of «a research and re-edition of information about the Contemporary History of the Algarve, through iconography, advertising, news item, literature, photography, arts in general, politics and tourism, selected in the magazine ilustração Portuguesa», according to Carlos Osório, the mentor of the idea.

The ICIA program for 2018 will also feature literary gatherings, poetry recitals and cultural tours.