Storm Ana causes waves of 14 meters

Storm Ana, which has been felt in Portugal since dawn, was registered by the network of meteo-oceanographic buoys […]

Storm Ana, which has been felt in Portugal since early morning, was registered by the Navy's meteo-oceanographic buoy network, maintained by the Hydrographic Institute. Off Nazaré, the buoy registered a wave with a maximum height of 14,1 meters, at 9:00 am this Monday, December 11th.

According to the Navy, there has been an aggravation of the sea state since 18:00 pm yesterday, with a significant height (Hm0) of 8,7 meters (04:00 am) and a maximum height (Hmax) of 13,2m at 11:00 am , on the oceanic Leixões buoy.

There were also values ​​of maximum significant height of 7,3m (13:00 pm on Sunday 10th) and maximum height of 14,1m at 09:00 am (day 11th), in the oceanic Nazaré buoy.

Regarding the measured atmospheric parameters, a minimum atmospheric pressure of 992 hPa was recorded at 00:00 today on the oceanic Leixões buoy and a maximum wind speed of 89km/h, a value measured on the oceanic Nazaré buoy.


Significant height (Hm0) maximum of 7.3 m (13:00 on 17-12-11) and maximum height (Hmax) of 14.1 m at 09: 00 (17-12-11)
Maximum wind speed of 89km/h (23pm 17-12-10) and a minimum atmospheric pressure of 997 hPa (02:00 17-12-11)

Significant height (Hm0) maximum of 8.7 m (04:00) and maximum height (Hmax) of 13.2 m at 11:00 (17-12-11)
Maximum wind speed of 83km/h (02:00 17-12-11) and a minimum of atmospheric pressure of 992 hPa (00:00 17-12-11)


Significant Height – Hs (m): Average of the highest third of the wave heights that were recorded during the observation period. Corresponds approximately to the visual assessment of wave height.

Maximum Height – Hmax (m): Maximum wave height recorded during the observation period;​