Loulé celebrates promotion at Rugby Clube and Boliqueime's roller hockey

Loulé is celebrating the rise of the Rugby Clube de Loulé to the 1st division and the senior male team from […]

Loulé is celebrating the rise of the Rugby Clube de Loulé to the 1st division and the senior male roller hockey team of the Clube Desportivo de Boliqueime to the second national level. The Loulé Chamber went public to congratulate both clubs for the feat, as it considers that it contributes to the municipality's notoriety.

Next season, Rugby Clube de Loulén will compete in the top level of the sport, in Portugal, and will be «the only rugby club in the Algarve to compete in the national championships», according to the Câmara de Loulé.

The promotion was guaranteed on the 3rd of June, in the penultimate game before the end of the championship. Yesterday, Thursday, June 15th, Loulé's team was beaten by Guimarães Rugby UFC, in Bairrada, but that didn't stop them from being second in the competition, which gives direct access to the 1st division.

For the Mayor of Loulé, Vítor Aleixo, «The Rugby Club of Loulé has been one of the great sports ambassadors of the Municipality, taking the name of Loulé not only across the country but also across borders, with participation in several international competitions ».

«In a municipality marked by the multiplicity of nationalities, according to this official, this sporting eclecticism is also important, which allows more than 40 sports to coexist in Loulé», illustrated the mayor.

The club is chaired by José Moura and the senior team was coached during the current season by Englishman Joe Ajuwa and Scottish Bruce Liddle.

The senior male roller hockey team of Clube Desportivo de Boliqueime also guaranteed the promotion in advance. Boliqueime will still have to play a game in Liguilha's 5th round of promotion to the 2nd Division, against Limiano, on Saturday, but ended up not needing the result to go up, after the defeat of HC Mealhada in Alverca.

«With another five points difference with one journey to the end of the race, the team coached by António Ramos has already ensured a return to the 2nd Division, after more than a decade playing in the tertiary championship», according to the Loulé local authority.

«This is another important victory for the sport of Loulé and for a sport that has had a significant implementation in the Municipality thanks to the work carried out by CD Boliqueime and its athletes, managers and coaches», considered Vítor Aleixo.