Ambassador Kirsty Hayes came to the Algarve to enlighten Brits about Brexit

The UK ambassador to Portugal was in Albufeira last week, to meet with around 150 […]

The UK ambassador to Portugal was in Albufeira last week to meet with around 150 British citizens residing in the Algarve and clarify them about Brexit and its consequences.

At the Municipal Auditorium, Britons residing in the Algarve region received information about Brexit and asked various questions related to its future, such as pensions, savings deposited in banks, health insurance and, essentially, taxes.

The Shengen Agreement, which until now allowed them to open up for various operations, is currently conditioned, given the request of the United Kingdom to leave the European Union, which was entered into the European institutions today.

According to the Albufeira Council, several people demonstrated to ambassador Kirsty Hayes "their contentment for living in the Algarve" and even stated that the request for dual nationality was a valid possibility, a situation that the diplomat placed under the responsibility of the Portuguese Government.

The British also heard, from the mayor, Carlos Silva e Sousa, of his support as a mayor, “as I have always done, since the time I was a lawyer and always defended the interests of the British population in the Algarve, as well as residents, want investors'.

Ambassador Kirsty Hayes, who was received by the mayor, thanked the reception, in what is «the most British council in Portugal».