Algarve is committed to promoting itself as a tourist destination «all year round»

The external promotion of the Algarve, in 2017, will focus on the objective of «positioning the Algarve as an all-year destination […]

The external promotion of the Algarve, in 2017, will focus on the objective of «positioning the Algarve as a destination all year round [all year]», announced the Associação Turismo do Algarve (ATA), responsible for promoting Algarve tourism across borders.

The association says that it will "bet on the promotion of a set of complementary products to the already recognized Sun and Sea product", with tourists and professional agents in the sector, "enhancing a more comprehensive vision of the destination".

«Golf and the presentation of the Algarve as an excellent destination for the practice of this sport aimed at all types of people (golf4all), to eat

onomy based on authentic and original flavours, Nature Tourism, with a special focus on activities such as walking and cycling, the meeting industry or sport, taking into account the quality and diversity of the infrastructures existing in the region for the realization of everything. the type of events, associated with a mild climate throughout the year, are some of the products that stand out in the strategy designed to combat the seasonality of tourism in the Algarve and, consequently, contribute to the increase in the number of guests, overnight stays and income in this destination», framed the ATA.

This is one of the objectives of ATA's promotion plan for 2017, which has a budget of 7 million euros and "privileges the carrying out of actions with agents in the sector and partnerships with airlines that allow not only the capture of new routes and new operations (namely for the winter period), as well as a greater frequency of existing operations, but also increased awareness of the destination and the Algarve brand in markets defined as strategic for the region».

"The strengthening of close relations between the destination and the international media, through the organization of visits to the region, and the participation in some of the most relevant fairs and workshops in the sector are other promotional instruments considered to be a priority to achieve the established goals" , added the association.

This “charm operation” has already started to be done at Fitur, which is now taking place in Madrid. By the end of January, ATA plans to be present at other seven international fairs "in strategic markets for the region", namely the events Vakantiebeurs (which will take place in the Dutch city of Utrecht), Ferienmesse (in Vienna), Foire Vakanz (in Luxembourg) , CMT (in Stuttgart), Matka Nordic Travel Fair (Scandinavia's largest fair held in Helsinki), Holiday World Show Dublin and Holiday World Show Belfast.

«We believe that the strategic plan we have defined for this year will allow us to continue the successful path that the Algarve has been treading and strengthen, in a consistent and sustainable manner, this new positioning we intend for the destination: a destination with a rich and diversified offer, capable of meeting the motivations and interests of different tourist profiles, and with an appealing character throughout the year», believes Dora Coelho, executive director of ATA.