335 people covered 5000 kilometers on the Lince Trail in Silves and Monchique (with video)

A total of 335 people traveled 5000 kilometers along the Silves and Monchique trails, on Saturday 8 October, […]

Lynx Trail_the Algarve athlete Jorge António
The Algarve athlete Jorge António was 2nd in the long trail

A total of 335 people traveled 5000 kilometers along the Silves and Monchique trails, on Saturday 8 October, in the second edition of Trail do Lince, the only sporting event that offers the opportunity to contribute to the preservation of the Iberian Lynx and to travel the tracks of what is the most endangered feline in the world.

The event, which is organized by FIRE!, also raised around 3.000 euros from the sale of more than 600 packs "Adopt an Iberian Lynx and take the 1st step to the Trail" which includes a mascot toy for 19.90 euros, with 5 euros to be donated to the League for the Protection of Nature (LPN) and World Wide Fund (WWF) – organizations that actively contribute to the preservation of the Iberian Lynx.

The Lince Trail had three modalities, the 30-kilometre Long Trail, the 12-kilometer Short Trail and also the family version, the 12-kilometer walk. Adding up the kilometers traveled by the 335 participants, the mark of 5.000 kilometers for the cause was reached.

Martim Azevedo, CEO of Fire!, the event's organizer, says that «the success of the second edition is proof of the Portuguese people's will to contribute to a cause that belongs to everyone, to preserve and place the Iberian Lynx in its natural habitat» .

«Seeing more than 300 people running, surpassing themselves, covering more than 5000 kilometers and still contributing with more than 3000 euros to institutions that make the preservation of the feline possible, is something unique and commendable. We hope in the next editions that more lovers of Trail, Running and Nature will join us, the Lince Ibérico thanks you!», added Martim Azevedo.

Lince Trail_premios_01Tito Rosa, president of LPN's National Board, underlined that “the Trail do Lince initiative was once again important. The first step towards conservation is raising awareness and calling for citizens' commitment to protection efforts. The Iberian Lynx Trail fully fulfills this mission and still does so on the side of sport and socializing».

On the other hand, Ângela Morgado, Acting Manager of WWF Mediterranean Portugal, said that «the second edition of Trail do Lince was another step towards the affirmation of this initiative in the national panorama of nature conservation and sport».

In terms of conservation, the initiative "contributes to the preservation of the Iberian Lynx, supporting projects on the ground to restore its natural habitat, as is the case with one of the projects of the World Fund for Nature (WWF)", he said.

Furthermore, «it is a different sporting event, which takes place in nature and where, as we walk along the lynx's trails, we admire the beautiful landscapes of the Algarve mountains and show that we all have the power and responsibility to support nature and the natural values ​​of the our country".


Lince Trail_premios_02RATINGS

LONG TRAIL (30 km):
1st Men's overall classified – MARCO LISIO GONÇALVES
2nd Men's overall classified – JORGE ANTÓNIO
3rd Men's overall classified - JOSÉ PEREIRA

1st overall Women's Classified - FILIPA VILAR
2nd overall Women's Classified - ISABEL GONÇALVES
3rd overall Women's Classified - FELISBELA SOUSA

SHORT TRAIL (12 km):
1st Men's overall classified - TIAGO ALBANO
2nd Men's overall classified - RUI FERNANDES
3rd Men's overall classified - PEDRO ALMEIDA

1st overall Women's Classified - NATALIA MENDES
2nd overall Women's Classified - LARISSA MOELLER
3rd overall Women's Classified - RITA REIS


II Edition - TRAIL DO LINCE 2016 from Fire Communication on Vimeo.


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