Restaurant Group in Almancil raises €10.000 for Monchique's Volunteer Firefighters

The Natural Group, a catering company based in Almancil, raised 10.000 euros which it has already handed over to the Fire Department last Wednesday […]

NATURAL-GROUP-FIREMEN-MONCHIQUEThe Natural Group, a catering company headquartered in Almancil, raised 10.000 euros which it has already handed over, last Wednesday, to the Firefighters Volunteers of Monchique.

For this, the company, which represents a group of restaurants located in the Algarve (Parrilla Natural, Gourmet Natural, Cocina Natural and Wild Fire Smokehouse & Grill), organized a solidarity night on the 17th, with «fantastic support and contribution» of your customers.

After the fires that, at the beginning of September, attacked Monchique again, the business group decided to support the municipality's Volunteer Firefighters, whose vehicles were damaged in the fight against fire, some of them in need of replacement.

On September 28, some company representatives "went to meet these brave men and women to personally deliver the donation worth 10.000 euros."

The company's spokesperson stressed that “it is a privilege to support the Volunteer Firefighters, who risked their lives in the fight against fire. Natural Group recognizes your dedication to protecting the community. They are true heroes and deserve our support and recognition. Thanks!"".