Mediterranean Diet Fair showcases traditional flavors and knowledge at Ribeira Market

The flavors and knowledge of the Mediterranean Diet will once again have a space dedicated to you, at the Diet Fair […]

Gastronomic demonstrations DM Tavira Fair 2016The flavors and knowledge of the Mediterranean Diet will once again have a space dedicated to you, at the Mediterranean Diet Fair that Tavira hosts between the 1st and 4th of September.

In the former Mercado da Ribeira, located in the historic center of the city, next to the River Gilão, various gastronomic demonstrations will be promoted, between cooking show e workshops, where visitors will be able to taste a varied set of delicacies from Portugal and other places in the Mediterranean, with a touch of innovation.

For this, chefs and experts of typical Portuguese cuisine will be invited. The program also includes traditional Algarve sweets workshops, where it will be possible to learn how to make gourmet desserts and fig stars (September 2nd and 3rd), among many other initiatives.

This «space for celebrating Mediterranean Culture through its healthy eating» will be promoted by In Loco, one of the 11 entities that organize the Fair, which together with several entities set up a program of gastronomic activities that, the association believes, «will attract many visitors interested in Mediterranean flavors and knowledge».

The creations that will be shown at the 4th edition of the fair will be based on two principles: «the important role of legumes in the Mediterranean Diet and the nutritional education of young people, which will occupy this space almost every morning», revealed In Loco, the responsible entity at national level for the ENPI project «SlowMed» and for the promotion of the Route of the Mediterranean Diet.

The space «Mercado da Ribeira» will be promoted by In Loco in collaboration with the School of Tourism of Portugal (Faro and VRS António). The initiative has partners such as IPMA, Docapesca, Regional Directorate for Culture of the Algarve, SlowFood Algarve, APN, and has the support of Makro, Aromáticas Frescoes, Lima com Pepper, as well as companies integrated in the Diet Route Mediterránica and the volunteers of the SlowMed team (Abílio Guerreiro, Margarida Vargues, Frederico Lopes, Pedro Beleza, Catarina Vasconcelos, Susana Rosa and Arlete Rodrigues).