MurMur closes the month of April at Os Artistas em Faro

The band MurMur will perform at Sociedade Recreativa Artística Farense – Os Artistas on April 30th, Saturday at 22:30 pm. […]

murmurThe band MurMur will perform in Farense Artistic Recreative Society – The Artists on April 30th, Saturday at 22:30. 

MurMur is a musical project that was born in 2012 and includes actress and singer Sandra Celas, Alexandre Cortez and Filipe Valentim (Rádio Macau), Tiago Inuit and drummer Luís Barros.

According to SRAF, MurMur «is a work that privileges the Portuguese language and that – within a language close to the pop/rock universe – draws its influences not only from contemporary Portuguese music but also from diverse musical genres ranging from electronic music, to jazz”.

MurMur «creates songs that address themes that range from a certain melancholy intimacy to an objectively more urban and social side. They are clearly city songs where between the lines you can feel a side of miscegenation and the crossing of languages ​​that are also a portrait of Lisbon».