GNR arrests man suspected of maintaining cannabis plantation in Serra de Monchique

A man suspected of maintaining a cannabis plantation was arrested this Tuesday for drug cultivation and trafficking in […]

Seizure Cannabis Custaneira MonchiqueA man suspected of maintaining a cannabis plantation was detained this Tuesday for growing and trafficking drugs, following an operation carried out by the GNR Criminal Investigation Center in Portimão at the Custaneira da Fóia site, in Monchique.

In the operation, 11 cannabis plants with "a height of approximately two meters each" were seized, as well as "more than 60 grams of product already dry and ready to consume", which would, according to the GNR, for about 120 individual doses .

The ready-to-use drug was found at the suspect's home, a 49-year-old man from Monchique. The plants, on the other hand, were discovered in a land which he owns.

The detainee was eventually released yesterday, with the obligation to appear at DIAP in Portimão this Wednesday morning.