PSD/Loulé asks Passos Coelho to "personally intervene" in the health of the Algarve

PSD/Loulé leader Rui Cristina wants Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho “to personally intervene in order to ensure […]

PSD President Loulé Rui CristinaPSD/Loulé leader Rui Cristina wants Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho to «personally intervene in order to ensure, in good time, that the municipality of Loulé, as well as the Algarve, will not fail to have the necessary means to appropriate health responses to national and foreign citizens who live here and/or visit us».

The social democrat Louletano took advantage of his speech at the Festa do Pontal, which took place last Friday at Calçadão de Quarteira, to make the appeal. Addressing the Prime Minister, present at the event of reenter PSD policy, Rui Cristina argued that «health is a precious asset for all of us, but this issue is of enormous importance for the engine of our economy, tourism».

The request, he explained, is more linked to the effect that «all the news on this very sensitive subject» has on tourism, which may influence «the good results that tourism activity in the Algarve presents and in particular in the municipality of Loulé».

Rui Cristina said he was "reassured" with the guarantees given by the president of the Regional Health Administration of the Algarve about the operation of the Loulé Basic Emergency Service, since since these were given, he had not been "aware of significant failures in these services ».

«However, it is public and has not been denied by those responsible, that the Basic Emergency and the Health Center of Loulé, as well as the other health extensions in the municipality, and even other health services in the Algarve, suffer from a lack of human resources , essential for these health units to be able to respond to requests, with the quality standards that Loulé citizens and all citizens, national and foreign, who visit us deserve», he added.