APSI's crowdfunding for the «Alta Segura» project was a success

The crowdfunding for the Alta Segura – Safe Transport project since the 1st day of life «has been concluded with […]

high safe 2wO through crowdfunding for the project Alta Segura – Safe Transport from the 1st day of life “has been successfully completed and surpassed the established target by 11%”, announced the APSI – Association for the Promotion of Child Safety.

Thanks to the contribution of 32 supporters, APSI, which launched the through crowdfunding to raise 1850 euros (2050 euros were raised), it is now able to continue this project in the Algarve.

The association reveals that, among these supporters, there are «some people who live in the region, and also a local company, Martinhal Beach Resort & Hotel, which, with its donation, took us beyond the defined goal».

APSI also highlights the contribution of Banco Espírito Santo, which allowed the process to be started, and the Portuguese Association of Signaling and Road Safety, which, through their generous contribution, allowed the minimum amount established to be reached, ensuring the project's viability.

It is also grateful for the «estimable contribution» of Rosa Afonso, Ana Rita Santos, Pedro Henriques, José Pinheiro, Marta Crawford, Susana Rocha, Vítor Livramento, Jardim da Fantasia, Dalila Escaroupa, Mónica Leitão Croca, I Rosa, Eulália Fradão, Joana Jacó, Ivone Bastos, Fátima Sancho, Cátia Oliveira, JT Sampaio, Bárbara Correia, Daniela Pinto, Sofia Leal, Albertina Jordão, Ana Cristina Esteves, James Martins, Alzira Leal, Marta Fagulha, Rodrigo Ulrich, Elsa Rocha and other benefactors who did not identify themselves .

«Thank you for having believed in APSI and for your ability to implement good practices that greatly contribute to the safety of children living in Portugal. It was demonstrated that “grain by grain” and with the solidarity and contribution of many, it is possible to carry out our work».

The Alta Segura project aims to promote the safe transport of all newborns in the Algarve region, from when they leave the maternity hospital.

It consists of a service of support and advice to pregnant women and families of newborns, in the context of car transport.

After three years, hospitals need renovation, replacement of some of the materials to support the development of this project, recycling of contents and technical monitoring we job, so to finance these changes, APSI launched the through crowdfunding now successfully completed.


Relevance of the Alta Segura Project:

high-securityRoad accidents are the biggest cause of death and permanent disability in children in Europe and Portugal. Every day in Portugal 12 children up to the age of 17 suffer a traffic accident (APSI, 2012). More than 50% of these accidents happen to children who are passing cars.

The use of a suitable and well-installed child restraint system (seats) reduces the occurrence of death or serious injury in the event of an accident by between 90 to 95% (chair facing backwards) and 60% to 75% (chair facing backwards) foward). However, errors in the use of child seats can substantially reduce the level of protection. And according to the studies by APSI (2012), 54,12% of car seats are poorly used or poorly installed.

The incorrect and/or inappropriate use of child restraint systems is related, to a large extent, to the lack of reliable, consistent and clear information aimed at families.

Likewise, the absence of specific technical knowledge on the part of professionals – namely health professionals – who are responsible for advising families and, therefore, have great power to influence their choices and decisions, contributes decisively to this reality.

With the continued development of Alta Segura in the Algarve region, it will be possible to save lives, avoid permanent disabilities, reduce the number of visits to emergencies and hospitalizations following a road accident.

The child population will live longer and with better quality of life. These years will allow you to grow up and play in a free and healthy way, without seeing your life prematurely “stolen” by an avoidable accident.