Chronicle of the 7th Crossing of the Via Algarviana – episode 9

In Salir, on Saturday night, the group went to discover the night. The route on Sunday, the 9th day of this one […]

In Salir, on Saturday night, the group went to discover the night. Sunday's route, the 9th day of this Via Algarviana crossing, connected Salir to Barranco do Velho.


Sunday, April 13, 9th day of walking:

As you may have noticed, it's been a rough ride. We already have many kilometers in our legs, blisters in our feet, accumulated tiredness and we even achieved an anterior tibial muscle strain.

It would be expected, therefore, that, after a good dinner, the staff would be willing to return as soon as possible to the overnight place, to sleep and rest. Sheer mistake! Yesterday (Saturday), after dinner, the walkers went to discover the move of Salir. They broke into a disco bar and completely wrecked the night mountain range!

It was dancing in various styles – or even no style at all! – from the most classic to the most popular, everyone forgetting blisters and tiredness. And even this poor scribe got a taste of the foot!

It was in such a way that our spiritual guide had to impose the curfew, because the next day there was one more thing to do.

And it was another relatively short stretch, between Salir and Barranco do Velho. In the beginning, we crossed the Rio Seco, which belied the name and traced the traditional cleavage: men cross with boots on, women take off their shoes and cross with their feet in the water.

At the place, there were some people preparing a barbecue and luckily for them they hadn't started yet, because they ran the risk of ending their fevers (see previous episodes)…

This section crossed the Serra do Caldeirão or de Mu, belongs to the Natura 2000 network, passing through extensive cork oak trees that allowed us to escape the heat a little.

This Monday, we will cover almost 30 km on one of the stretches that are said to be the toughest of the entire Via Algarviana, between Barranco do Velho and Cachopo.