More tourism and social action are priorities for Rogério Bacalhau in his candidacy for Faro

Strict accounts, transparency and measures in the social area that allow families to be relieved. These are the pillars of the proposal […]

Strict accounts, transparency and measures in the social area that allow families to be relieved. These are the pillars of the proposal that the candidate to Faro by PSD Rogério Bacalhau intends to present in the Municipal Elections this year.

The social democrat made the public presentation of his candidacy this Friday, at the Bar/restaurant «O Castelo», in Vila-Adentro de Faro, in front of an audience where there was a strong presence of entrepreneurs, association leaders and personalities linked to the social sector.

The current mayor, elected by the PSD, Macário Correia was absent, who nevertheless left a written message to be read to those present. As justified by Rogério Bacalhau to the Sul Informação, would be in Évora fulfilling a previously assumed commitment, but his successor in the candidacy by the PSD to Faro he hopes to have him by his side in other achievements.

One area that will be a flag of the candidacy of Rogério Bacalhau, who announced that he will now gather ideas from the Farenses, to build a program in the image of the citizens' wishes, will be the rigor in the municipality's accounts.

At the launch of the candidacy, the profile of a public servant of Mathematics professor from Farense was highlighted, both as a teacher at the João de Deus school and at the University of Algarve, as director of the Secondary Pinheiro e Rosa, a position he held before becoming vice-president of camera of Faro.

As an executive, he held a key position in the strategy of the team led by Macário Correia, the finance department. And the path of "rigor in the management of public resources and careful definition of priorities" is to continue, for the sake of the financial health of the municipality.

«Saying that you are going far and accumulating debts is not the way. The Chamber and the Farenses know how bitter this recipe is. They proved it for many years», illustrated Rogério Bacalhau.

Despite assuming that he does not intend to make promises he cannot keep, something that "harms democracy", the Social Democratic candidate for Faro assumed the commitment to focus on the social area, to achieve "a more inclusive council that treats those in a more vulnerable position well".

In this field, it committed to four different measures: the expansion of social water fees to more families, socio-educational support, the re-invigoration of the Municipal Volunteer Bank and the creation of a social transport pass.

Another way to intervene socially is by creating jobs, something that Rogério Bacalhau proposes to do by stimulating entrepreneurship, on the one hand, and by promoting tourism in the Algarve capital, on the other.

«We are going to create an Entrepreneur Support Office with the objective of providing information and support regarding creation and companies, financial incentives, licensing and ensuring that each project that is born in Faro have a simple administrative monitoring and no bureaucracy on the part of the municipality», he announced.

In the field of tourism, Rogério Bacalhau recalled that of the millions of passengers who land at the airport of Faro, only a small percentage visit the city, considering that the municipality will have to change this reality.

The idea is “to promote the city, its cultural offer, the built heritage of the county, its history, the Ria Formosa and our beaches”. «For this, we will build a tourism development plan for the municipality, in collaboration with the University of Algarve, and promote the municipality on each low-cost flight to Faro", said.

Another concern shown by the PSD candidate to Faro it was the lack of dynamism of the city's commercial downtown, where it proposes to «create a pool of available spaces with attractive rents for a year», in collaboration with owners and their respective associations.

Central power has to help Faro

the candidate for Faro by the PSD did not forget the Government's responsibilities in various structural works for the county, some of which stopped. Among them, the Northern Variant, an intervention that Rogério Bacalhau wants to see completed quickly. «If the concessionaire cannot finance itself to guarantee the completion of the works, then the State must redeem the concession and, with the money applied, complete the work. It's urgent,” he said.

The renovation of the Commercial Port of Faro and the dredging of the Ria Formosa, planned under the Polis, were other interventions whose urgency Rogério Bacalhau highlighted.

In response to those who accuse this executive of not carrying out work, the current vice president of the Chamber recalled the undertaking that allowed the extension of the water and sewage coverage rate in the municipality "to 97 percent", as well as the improvement and construction of schools. The Figuras Leisure Park and the launch of the Parque Ribeirinho de Faro were other examples given.

yesterday in Faro, there was no member of the PSD/CDS Government, the same coalition currently in the Chamber (and that everything indicates that it will remain, given the strong presence of members of the CDS/PP in Rogério Bacalhau's presentation), but the vice-president of the PSD Jorge Moreira da Silva.

The guest of honor preferred not to talk about works and achievements, opting to reinforce confidence in Rogério Bacalhau, the candidate who, he considered, is the figure who brings together «the technical, professional and political skills» to continue «the excellent work» developed by the current municipal executive.