Portimonense loses at home at the start of the II League

Portimonense started to lose in the II League 2012/2013. Alvinegra team lost 3-1 to Arouca, at home, […]

Portimonense started to lose in the II League 2012/2013. Alvinegra lost 3-1 to Arouca, at home, a result that penalizes the lack of effectiveness of the Algarve.

The waste of goals began in the fourth minute, when Luís Carlos appeared isolated behind the defense and, as the goalkeeper left, assisted Mendes, who did the most difficult and, with the goal at his mercy, fired close to the post. .

In one of the first times that Arouca came close to Portimonense's goal, referee João Ferreira saw Erick's hand on the ball and signaled a penalty kick against the Algarve. In the penalty kick, Joeano deceived Ivo Gonçalves and opened the scoring.

Portimonense charged in search of an equalizer and, 24 minutes in, Horácio, after a cross from the right by Fábio Felício, deflected the ball into goal, but Serginho, who last season defended the Alvinegra nets, denied the goal with a great save.

The next minute, it was Mendes's turn to miss again, making a Nelsinho cross over the goal.

On minute 35, Chico went up well on the right, assisted Horácio, but the striker's half-turn shot again failed to find the way to the net.

Early in the second half, Arouca scored the second goal of the game. In the 48th minute, Mika took advantage of a cross from the left and beat Ivo. The player from the foreign team appeared to be in an irregular position that João Ferreira did not point out.

In the 56th minute, Joeano scored twice in the match. Free-kick for the area and the Brazilian forward headed it 3-0.

In the very next minute, Portimonense had another missed opportunity. A cross from the right of Mendes and Horácio, in the penalty area, headed for a new defense by Sérginho.

In the 78th minute, it was Simi, who entered during the second half, who shot in Serginho's face. In the rebound, Luís Carlos shot weakly and Sérginho defended again.

The next minute, more waste. Luís Carlos, with the goal practically open, misses the shot, the ball goes up, goes over to the head of Horácio who, inside the small area, shoots over the bar.

With four minutes of the 90, Portimonense managed to reach the goal. Confusion in the area and the ball fell to Ruben Fernandes, who scored the third official goal this season.

In the next round, Lázaro Oliveira's team plays away from home with Trofense.


Lazaro Oliveira:

“I'm not saying that the defeat is unfair, we had a fantastic first-half, with countless goal situations, we didn't score, and Arouca, in the only chance of a goal in the first-half, scored. Then the team conceded a cold goal at the start of the second half, and we started to play more with our heart than our head. Despite all the setbacks, I'm satisfied"

[on refereeing] “I'm not going to be justifying the defeat to the referee, but the referees have to have equal criteria. What we see here does not value football. The referee is not to blame for our defeat, but he did not perform well”.


Portimonense: Ivo, Chico, Erick, Ruben Fernandes, Nelsinho, Márcio Madeira (Roberto 69′), Vitor Gonçalves, Fábio Felício (Simi 58′), Mendes, Luís Carlos and Horácio.

Substitutes: Márcio Ramos, João Duarte, González Mica, Simmy and Roberto


Arouca: Serginho, Dias (Miguel Oliveira 65′), Biju, Luís Pinto, Mika, Vicente, Miguel Angelo, Joeano (Clemente 73′), Laurindo (Gabi 76′), Kovacevic and Amessan

Substitutes: Ricardo, Miguel Oliveira, André Claro, Clemente, Rui Gomes, Hugo Monteiro and Gabi