Portimão Petisco Route returns with more days, more proposals and more culture

40 gastronomic proposals in 45 days of the Snack Route, taking place between August 31st and October 14th. […]

40 gastronomic proposals in 45 days of Rota do Petisco, taking place between 31st August and 14th October. This is the project of the association Teia d'Impulsos for the second edition of Rota do Petisco, which will cover the areas of Portimão and Praia da Rocha.

The 40 establishments on the Portimão Snack Route are spread over five pedestrian zones that are identified by color. Thus, participants will be able to walk through the blue, yellow, green and red zones in the center of Portimão and the orange zone in Praia da Rocha.

This year there are many new features: for now, of the 40 participating establishments, 18 are participating for the first time in the Rota do Petisco.

As in the first edition, in relation to the Route's proposed menus, two modalities are distinguished: Petisco and Doce Regional.

Of the total number of participating establishments, 31 will be part of the “Snack” modality, which will consist of a snack and a drink and will have a unit price of 2.50 euros.

The remaining nine will participate in the “Regional Sweet” modality, which will consist of a dessert and a drink and will have a unit price of 2.00 euros.

To go through the 40 stops of the Route of Petisco de Portimão 2012 you will only need the Passport of the Route, which will be distributed free of charge at the various participating locations.

In addition to replicating the base of the original model, Rota do Petisco de Portimão 2012 presents some innovations, namely the increase in the number of participating restaurant establishments, which allows to increase the diversity of offers, respecting, however, the principle of originality ( the menus are all different).

The strong focus on the dissemination of local gastronomy in the various proposed menus is maintained, increasing the prominence of Algarve wine in the menus of the Petisco modality.

But the big news for 2012 is to add a cultural entertainment program to the Gastronomic Guide.

This program will consist of artistic manifestations that will intersect with the various stops on the route, in order to enhance the social and cultural animation that was already felt in the streets of Portimão in the 2011 edition.

In addition to the partnership between Teia D'Impulsos and the Municipality of Portimão, the organization Rota do Petisco de Portimão also has the support of Turismo de Portimão, the Parish Council of Portimão, Turismo do Algarve, the Algarve Wine Commission and the First Aid. It also supports the dissemination of media partners Rádio Costa D'Oiro and Jornal Barlavento.

Soon it will be possible to know the full menu of this second edition, as well as other information about the Route of the Petisco de Portimão 2012 in www.teiadimpulsos.pt.

Get ready to tour the city and discover its flavors from the 31st of August. Make the Route and good snacks!


What was the first Snack Route


The Portimão Petisco Route is a cultural and recreational project promoted by the Teia D'Impulsos Association in partnership with the Portimão City Council.

This is a Gastronomic Tour that includes various restaurant establishments spread around the center of Portimão and Praia da Rocha.

Participants in the Portimão Petisco Route are invited to tour the participating establishments, guided by a passport, which identifies all the stops on the route and the respective special menu prepared for the event.

Portimão's Petisco Route had its first edition in 2011. Over the 30 days of the Route, participants had the opportunity to visit 31 restaurants.

The objectives proposed for the first edition were largely achieved, namely the contribution to the dissemination of the Algarve's gastronomy, the promotion of participating restaurant spaces, the boost to social animation in the town center and the encouragement of pedestrian movement between the different spaces. of the Route.

As for the numbers that marked the 1st Petisco Route in Portimão, in 2011 around 10.000 menus of the route were sold, which resulted in a daily average of over 300 units.