Mestre keeps 3rd place overall, Russian Sergey Belykh wins 2nd stage

The Algarve cyclist Ricardo Mestre (Carmim-Prio-Tavira) maintained this Saturday the 3rd place in the General of the Grand Prix Internacional de Torres […]

The Algarve cyclist Ricardo Mestre (Carmim-Prio-Tavira) kept this Saturday the 3rd place in the General dthe Torres Vedras International Grand Prix – Joaquim Agostinho Trophy, after the second stage, disputed over 100 kilometers, on the selective route of the Circuit de Torres Vedras, won by the Russian Sergey Belykh (Lokosphnix). Spaniard Iker Camaño (Endura Racing) kept his yellow jersey.

The Russian cyclist jumped out of the peloton already within the last 20 kilometers, passed the two cyclists who were then escaping, Micael Isidoro (Louletano/Dunas Douradas) and Salvador Guardiola (Gios-Deyser León Kastro), and only stopped on the finish line to raise the arms, celebrating the first victory of the season.

Efapel-Glassdrive made a tenacious pursuit, in the final ten kilometers, but the best they could manage was to take Sérgio Ribeiro to second place. The yellow jersey was third, extending the advantage to the more direct pursuers in the individual overall.

With only one stage left to finish the competition, Iker Camaño leads with 13 seconds ahead of Greek Ioannis Tamouridis (SP Tableware) and 16 seconds ahead of Ricardo Mestre (Carmim-Prio-Tavira).

This afternoon's take was marked by the escape of 20 runners, among which two Portuguese stood out. Nelson Vitorino (Carmim-Prio-Tavira), because he was the most combative, pedaling alone, at the head of a race, for almost 50 kilometers.

And César Fonte (Efapel-Glassdrive), because he was the one who profited the most from the initiative, reinforcing the leadership of the mobile goals and reaching the first place in the mountain's general. In the remaining secondary classifications, Sérgio Ribeiro continues ahead in points, José Gonçalves keeps the youth shirt and Endura Racing remains at the top of the collective general.

Tomorrow is the last and most difficult stage of this edition of the Joaquim Agostinho Trophy. The runners will cover 169 kilometers, between Atouguia da Baleia and the Carvoeira Wind Farm, with the goal coinciding with a second category mountain count. Along the journey, riders will also find a first-rate mountain prize and three third-rate mountain prizes.


Step Classification

Torres Vedras Circuit, 100 km

1st Sergey Belykh (Lokosphinx), 2h42m28s (Average: 36,931 km/h)

2nd Sérgio Ribeiro (Efapel-Glassdrive), mt

3rd Iker Camaño, mt

4th Dmitry Sokolov (Lokosphinx), mt

5th Carlos Barbero (Orbea), mt

6th Jorge Montenegro (Louletano/Dunas Douradas), mt

7th José Gonçalves (Onda-Boavista), mt

8th Edgar Pinto (LA-Antarte), mt

9th António Carvalho (Mortágua), mt

10th Rene Mandri (Endura Racing), mt


General Individual

1st Iker Camaño (Endura Racing), 7:31:16s

2nd Ioannis Tamouridis (SP Tableware), 13s

3rd Ricardo Mestre (Carmine-Prio-Tavira), at 16s

4nd José Gonçalves (Onda-Boavista), 19s

5th Sérgio Ribeiro (Efapel-Glassdrive), at 21s

6.º António Carvalho (Mortágua), at 23s

7th Edgar Pinto (LA-Antarte), at 25s

8th Zakkari Dempster (Endura Racing), at 28s

9th Jaume Rovira (Gios-Deyser León Kastro), mt

10th José Mendes (LA-Antarte), 29s


General Collective

1st Endura Racing, 22:34:57

2nd La-Antarte, at 2s

3rd Carmim-Prio-Tavira, at 16s


General Points

1st Sérgio Ribeiro (Efapel-Glassdrive), 45

2nd Carlos Barbero (Orbea), 30

3rd Sergey Belykh (Lokosphinx), 25


General Mountain

1st César Fonte (Efapel-Glassdrive), 14

2nd Mikhail Antonov (Lokosphinx), 10

3rd Nelson Vitorino (Carmine-Prio-Tavira), 10


General Flying Goals

1st César Fonte (Efapel-Glassdrive), 19

2rd Nelson Vitorino (Carmine-Prio-Tavira), 6

3nd Mikhail Antonov (Lokosphinx), 5


general youth

1st José Gonçalves (Onda-Boavista)

2nd António Carvalho (Mortágua)

3rd André Mourato (Liberty Seguros/Fair/Specialized