Rita Redshoes performs on Friday in Lagos

Rita Redshoes presents this Friday, May 11, at 21 pm, in concert at Centro Cultural de Lagos. The singer […]

Rita Redshoes presents this Friday, May 11, at 21 pm, in concert at Centro Cultural de Lagos.

The singer with the red shoes takes the stage to present her latest album «The Other Women – The world in their songs». Tickets cost 12,5 euros.

Since the revelation about five years ago with the song “Dream On Girl” that Rita redshoes has cohabited our imagination leading to the discovery of unique songs through the albums “Golden Era” and “Lights & Darks”, examples of the singularity of Rita Redshoes.

As a result of her restlessness, Rita Redshoes has always wondered about the importance that “being a woman” has in characterizing her creativity. This discovery, almost evident, resulted in the design of a concert with characteristics somewhat different from those that are usual for her: a tribute to the authors, composers and performers who, through their creativity, have inspired her since she awakened to music.

In “The Other Women – The world in the songs of them”, Rita Redshoes evokes some of the greatest names in world music – some more recent, some less, from folk tradition to European songwriting, from pop to soul – running through songs that they are also part of our life.

PJ Harvey, Lhasa de Sela, Joan Jett, Nina Simone, Dolly Parton, Joni Mitchell, Xana, Madonna or Sheryl Crow will be, among others, some of the figures present.

A dynamic and surprising retelling by one of today's most talented songwriters. Thanks also to the women who have always elevated and claimed the role of women in art in particular and in society in general.

«On discovering myself as a musician and composer, I am always faced with the presence of countless women who inspire me and make me want to hear more, reveal myself and surpass myself, whether through their energy, depth, freedom and courage that they transmit to me. I believe that because they are women there is also a different understanding and reading, a more visceral connection perhaps. This is my tribute and thanks to them and to all the women who throughout history have struggled so that today I too can give voice to my voice», wrote Rita Redshoes.

Artistic file:
Rita Redshoes – voice, piano, guitar, percussion
Paulo Borges – keyboards, guitar, percussions, choirs
Rui Freire – drums, percussions, choirs