Albufeira Sports Pavilion hosted the Basketball Festival awards ceremony

The morning of April 1st was marked by the dispute of the Finals of the Basketball Festival at the various levels, […]

The morning of April 1st was marked by the competition for the Finals of the Basketball Festival at the various levels, at the Albufeira Sports Pavilion and at the Albufeira Basic and Secondary School, in Vale Pedras.

The regional teams from Aveiro, Porto and Lisbon won the first places on the podium, with Aveiro standing out in Men, in both age groups.

In Under 16 they defeated Setúbal in an emotional match that was only decided in the final moments (59-57), while in Under 14 they beat Porto by 64-56. Lisbon defeated Porto in the Women's Under 16 Final by 66-55, while in Under 14, the Porto team beat Lisbon by 66-54.

The prize Fair-play Viana do Castelo (Under 14 Men), Bragança (U Under 14 Women), Madeira (U Under 16 Men) and Braga (U Under 16 Women) was delivered.

The Under 14 Men were the Algarve team that got the best classification (4th place), with the Under 14 Women and Under 16 Men teams ranked 6th, while the Under 16 Women obtained the 7th position.

Alentejo, which only performed in Males, got the 8th place in Sub 14 and 9th in Sub 16.

Basket Solidário's action reverted in favor of Albufeira's Volunteer Firefighters, who received the sum of 1.249 euros, as a result of the donation of 1 euro by each of the event's participants.

During the closing ceremony of the Festa do Basketball-Albufeira 2012, preceded by the awarding of prizes to the winning teams, the organization expressed its satisfaction that the initiative was a success, with athletes, officials and the rest of the delegation visibly satisfied with the result.

The event was organized by the Portuguese Basketball Federation, Albufeira City Council and the Algarve Basketball Association, with the support of several district basketball associations.

Albufeira debuted this year as host of the event, hosting from March 28th to April 1st, more than 1300 people involved in the initiative.

In addition to the direct participants, it is estimated that around 3000 people, mainly relatives and former participants in the tournament, traveled to Albufeira to attend the event, which took place in five sports pavilions in the municipality.

With strong roots in the basketball field, the municipality joined this mega youth event, providing the network of sports equipment built over the last 10 years.





1nd Aveiro

2rd Port

3st Setúbal

4th Algarve

5th Lisbon

6th Coimbra

7th Vila Real

8th Alentejo

9th Braga

10th Castelo Branco



1rd Port

2th Lisbon

3st Setúbal

4nd Aveiro

5th Coimbra

6th Algarve

7th Santarém

8th Leiria

9th Wood

10th Vila Real




1nd Aveiro

2st Setúbal

3rd Lisbon

4th Coimbra

5rd Port

6th Algarve

7th Viana do Castelo

8th Leiria

9th Alentejo

10th Braga



1th Lisbon

2rd Port

3st Setúbal

4th Coimbra

5th Braga

6nd Aveiro

7th Algarve

8th Azores

9th Santarém

10th Wood