Câmara de Olhão opens tender for NDT that could bring in investment of 200 million

The Public Tender for the realization of a Tourist Development Center (NDT) in Olhão, with a maximum of 1170 […]

The Public Tender for the realization of a Tourist Development Center (NDT) in Olhão, with a maximum of 1170 beds, has been open since february 27. The document has already been published in Diário de República and the competition is open for a period of 90 days.

The tender now opened by the Municipality of Olhão is aimed at the creation of a tourist and leisure development in the municipality, an initiative considered by the municipality as “extremely important as it is expected an investment of around 200 million euros and the creation of about half a thousand jobs”.

“This investment is the result of another initiative by the Municipality and the implementation of the development strategy that has been pursued in the Municipality. The quantitative aspect is important, but the qualitative aspect is no less important”, says the mayor of Olhão, Francisco Leal.

For the mayor from Olhão, “the creation of these 1170 beds in the municipality, which still has a lot to grow in quality tourism, is an important asset. We believe that there will be several interested in investing in our municipality, now that the tender for the NDT in Olhão is underway”.

The opening of the public tender was approved at a Chamber meeting on January 18 this year and, later, at a Municipal Assembly on February 7, defining the Terms of Reference, the Procedure Program and the Tender Documents for the tender procedure for the implementation of the Tourist Development Center (NDT), in the Territorial Unit Litoral Sul and Barrocal.

The Municipality of Olhão will then select the most qualified proposal for the implementation of the NDT, with a maximum allocation of 1170 beds in the municipality, in accordance with the provisions of PROT Algarve and the Regulation of the Municipal Master Plan of Olhão, which will be previously concluded of an urbanization contract between the Municipality of Olhão and an urban developer (private).

The urbanization contract to be signed finds the necessary legal support in the figure of a Territorial Action Program (PAT), a program created to promote coordination between various actors, both in the preparation and execution of territorial planning.

The specific purpose of the PAT figure is to contract the execution of an urbanization and building action, with expression in an Urbanization Plan or Detailed Plan.

The competition, already published in Diário da República (Procedure notice nº 790/2012), is open for a period of 90 days.

For more information, interested parties can access the contest pieces at the Paços do Concelho building during office hours, or consult here on the municipality's website.