A very difficult climb that even has a Cross of the Dead

Hostel was being the scene of an international conflict

T4: E11 – Ponte de Lima>>Rubiães

As I arrived very early yesterday, I took the opportunity to take a walk around Ponte de Lima, a very interesting city. The International Garden Festival was taking place there, which had nothing to do with what I found along the way.

But, in terms of schools, some of the proposals presented by the kids had gardens that rivaled what I have seen at this stage.



The city's hostel had a series of data available for last year. Interestingly, the country with the most overnight stays was Germany, followed by Portugal and then Italy. The average age was 46 years old for men and 42 years old for women, with the youngest pilgrim being less than a year old and the oldest 84 years old.

But this hostel was being the scene of an international conflict. At ten o'clock at night, when everything was silent and practically asleep, a group entered, which, to avoid hurting sensibilities, I will just say is from another country on the Iberian Peninsula, and bothered everyone by talking loudly. Even worse, before six in the morning, the same conversation, they open the ceiling lights, the foreigners who wanted to sleep go and turn them off, they open them again and I left, hoping that CMTV hadn't appeared...



However, the Path was beautiful. Everything is still green and, anyone who walks these things, knows that there is the mythical Labruja mountain range, which is famous for having some brave climbs, physically very demanding.

And he deserves the fame he has. In about 3 kilometers you climb a hard 400m (as a Brazilian pilgrim said “I’ll never forget those rocks”). It's not just the slope, but also the rocky and uneven roughness of the trails.



One of the hot spots is the cross of the dead, where the population of Labruja ambushed the stragglers of Napoleon's army in the invasion of 1809. Finally, the descent is not easy either.

After this test, everyone meets at the first place they come to rest. In this case, an informal restaurant, like a trailer, with drinks and the smell of barbecue chicken. I even counted a dozen tired pilgrims, including a German woman who turned 79 today and who was muttering “too hard, too hard”. Another said that he had stopped there two years ago, but at the time it was raining. And making the climb in the rain must be screaming…

Anyway, after Labruja, finishing today's 19,5 kilometers didn't cost much.




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