A good Samaritan and an…ecumenical garden

The Walker today only hit asphalt, but met interesting and good-hearted people

T4: E2 – Sardanel>>Águeda

Today the journey wasn't much. Tar, industrial zones, more tar, residential zones – and that was basically it.

But, when the path is nothing special, it is the people who make it special. Today, right at the beginning, I overtook an old pilgrim. Normally, they are the ones who pass by me, but this time, it seemed to me that she was in difficulty, I asked her if everything was ok, she answered yes.

Small talk, she told me she was English, asked where I was from, I replied that I was from the Algarve and she was surprised – English! – because it seems like there isn’t much of that going on here yet.

Suddenly, his eyes widen and he says: Oh, you have a stick!!! Really, I have a hell of a helper, but everyone I meet uses a hiking pole or two xpto, purchased in sports stores. It feels like I'm using equipment vintage.



Regarding foreigners, everyone treats me as if I were one. At the pastry shop, they spoke to me in three languages, before I managed to say that I was Portuguese. On the street, they speak to me using gestures and today there was an old man who, thinking I was lost (he was taking photographs), shouted pointing to the right path.


But the best was yet to come. Near the Revigrés factory, in the Barrô industrial zone, there is a car that slows down and calls out to me. I was surprised and, when I approached, the driver asked – Camino de Santiago? I said yes, he takes a plastic bag and tells me – Fresh water! Bon Caminho – and he takes off almost without giving me time to thank him.

And so he offered me some cold water and two pears, which tasted really good. Mr. Nelson R. Simões, I'm sorry, but as a producer and bottler of NSR old spirits, he could only be a good person. I called to thank him and he told me that he has this habit and that he makes around eight hundred deliveries a year. It's work!



Returning to more normal matters: in the garden championship, today's prize goes to the one with a Buddha and, next to it, a Our Lady of Fátima. But I confess that I was undecided about another one, whose theme was iron. Everything in iron, from the pergola to a majestic dolphin.

On the way, I passed through Anadia, which has a spectacular sports and cultural complex, huge and very well maintained, I discovered an “Official Companion Animal Collection Center”, which, I suspect, is the pompous name of a kennel/cattery, and I continued through Arcos, Avelãs do Caminho, S. João da Azenha, Aguada de Baixo, Landiosa and along a Royal Road, which, if it weren't covered in tar, would have been more interesting. And there are many cellars, wines and vineyards.



Today, I had two scares, on the 26,5 kilometers of the Camino, when I leaned against a gate (the road was narrow and a car was coming) and a dog suddenly barked, luckily inside the house, and, now at the Hostel, when I discovered a principle of a spray on the left foot.

And today I end here…



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