UAlg opens three new Higher Professional Technical Courses

The tuition fee is 609,24 euros (national students) and 1500 euros (international students), and can be paid up to a maximum of 10 monthly payments

The University of Algarve (UAlg) will open, this year, two new Higher Professional Technical Courses (CTeSP) in Gastronomy and Food Innovation, Thermalism and Wellbeing and Information Systems and Technologies.

Online applications are open until August 12th (first phase) and from September 16th to 20th (second phase).

In addition to the two new offers, in Gastronomy and Food Innovation and in Thermalism and Wellbeing, in Faro, UAlg is once again committed to opening these courses on the Portimão Campus with CTeSP in Information Systems and Technologies.

The new course in Gastronomy and Food Innovation aims to create professionals who are capable of conceiving, organizing and executing food and beverage preparation and confection activities, following trends in the evolution of technology and design/creativity in terms of cuisine, pastry and gastronomy. , respecting the principles of seasonality, sustainability, nutrition and hygiene and food safety.

The CTeSP in Thermalism and Wellbeing aims to contribute to the training and qualification of young people in the acquisition of knowledge and development of skills in: thermal techniques, massage, aesthetics and well-being, promotion of healthy lifestyles, sign management and symptoms in relation to treatments, cleaning of spaces and equipment, preparation of records, appropriate first aid procedures and techniques and an entrepreneurial spirit in responding to the needs of people who frequent spa and SPA resorts.

The University of Algarve also highlights the opening of the CTeSP in Information Systems and Technologies on the Portimão Campus, in the next academic year.

This course focuses on the recent evolution of the ICT sector in Portugal, where employment has been growing continuously and statistical data indicate an increase in demand for highly qualified professionals in this area in the coming years. It aims to create professionals with basic technical training in the areas of technology and information systems with a strong component in the area of ​​management and business intelligence.

On the 3rd of July, at 10:30 am, and on the 18th, at 14:30 pm, there will be webinars, through the zoom platform, on how to access CTeSP, with the aim of publicizing UAlg's CTeSP courses for the 2024/2025 academic year.

Enrolling in the webinars is mandatory and can be done here.

A CTeSP is a study cycle that grants a level 5 professional higher technical diploma on the National Qualifications Framework. It lasts two academic years, consisting of a set of curricular units organized into components of general and scientific training, technical training and training in a work context, which takes place through an internship. The holder of this diploma will be able to enter UAlg's degree courses, through a special competition, acquiring the respective academic degree.

Holders of a secondary education course or legally equivalent qualification (e.g. professional course or technological course) can apply for a CTeSP; holders of a technological specialization diploma, a higher professional technical diploma or a higher education degree and candidates who obtain approval through those over 23 years of age.

The tuition fee is 609,24 euros (national students) and 1500 euros (international students), and can be paid up to a maximum of 10 monthly payments.