Three young accordionists from Loulé and Messines are awarded in Italy

Students of Professor Nelson Conceição

Professor Nelson Conceição, with Miguel Coelho, Tiago Conceição and Rodrigo Veloso

Young accordionists from the Algarve Tiago Conceição, Miguel Coelho and Rodrigo Veloso won three first prizes at the 14th Italia Award, which took place between the 21st and 23rd of June, in the Italian city of Giulianova.

This is a competition dedicated especially to the accordion, but which also includes other musical instruments and groups.

This event is promoted by the Associazione Promozione Arte, with artistic direction by the renowned accordionist and Italian teacher Renzo Ruggieri. It featured a panel of judges renowned in the accordion world and from Italy, Lithuania, China and Portugal.

Portugal was represented by three young people from the Algarve, all of them students of Prof. Nelson Conceição, who achieved a remarkable result with excellent scores:

1st Absolute Virtuoso Under-16 Prize
98,50 points (0-100)

1st Absolute Virtuoso Junior Prize
98,55 points (0-100)
(Highest score in the Virtuoso aspect and selected for the BRAVISSIMO award – winner of the winners)

1st Senior Virtuoso Prize
97,50 (0-100)

These young people had the support of the Garvefole Accordion Association, based in Loulé, which, in turn, had the support of the Loulé City Council, São Clemente Parish Council, CCDR Algarve and Beltuna Portugal.