Teatro de Palha returns to Aljezur but with a new form

This time, architect Pedro Quintela was inspired by the dynamic environment of the estuary plain of a beach

Straw Theater – Photo: João
Mariano – 1000eyes

The Teatro de Palha, at Lavrar o Mar, starts next weekend and brings a national and international program of cinema, dance, photography, music, theater, a new circus, object and puppet theater and a DJ Set to be enjoyed in a relaxed and poetic atmosphere. From June 22nd to July 21st, for five consecutive weekends, all roads lead to Feiteirinha Industrial Park, in Aljezur.

The Straw Theater, which is in its third edition, is currently being built with the complicity of a group of local farmers and the mastery of architect Pedro Quintela who, this year, designed a new shape for this Theater made of straw bales.

This time, Pedro Quintela was inspired by the dynamic environment of the estuary plain of a beach, ensuring that Teatro de Palha is not just a space for presenting shows, but an experience in itself.


The new form of the Straw Theater, according to the design of architect Pedro Quintela


After two editions, Teatro de Palha rises, once again, to be a place of resistance and freedom, of humanity and happiness.

“It brings with it national and international programming that, even though it is presented and enjoyed in a giant house gilded by the sun and under a dark sky full of stars, seeks to remember the emergencies that are plaguing both the world and our human condition and which are unavoidable remain present in thought and action”, explain Madalena Victorino and Giacomo Scalisi, artistic directors of Lavrar o Mar.

Teatro de Palha starts next weekend, with the French company of a new circus Les Filles du Renard Pale, which on Saturday, June 22, at 21:30 pm, presents “Résiste”, a metaphor for life in the form of a funambula crossing.

This is followed by the Big Lebowski DJ Set, with DJ Marco Bocci, who this year will be the resident DJ at Teatro de Palha, present every night.


“Résiste” show – Photo: Lavrar o Mar


On Sunday, June 23rd, from 18pm onwards, the band from Aljezur, Yemadas Quarteto, takes over the Teatro de Palha and, at 00pm, the cinema cycle starts, curated by Candela Varas, director of the Cineclube de Tavira , with the screening of the film “Evil is not here”, by Japanese director Ryûsuke Hamaguchi, an allegory about the price we pay for disrespecting nature.

As is tradition, to close the night there will be a special DJ Set inspired by the story of Takumi and his daughter Hana, which will be projected onto the walls of the Straw Theater.

But there will be much more to see until July 21st. The film cycle will continue with the screening of five more award-winning international films related to the climate emergency, but also to feminism, gender issues and the survival of humanity, such as “A Flor do Buriti” (30 June), by João Salaviza and Renée Nader Messora, “Céu em Chamas” (07 July), by Christian Petzold, “20.000 species of bees” (10 July), by Estibaliz Urresola Solaguren, “The Boy and the Crane” (14 July), by Hayao Miyazaki and “The Sauna Brotherhood” (18 July), by Anna Hints.

From Belgium, the company arrives Tof Theater with “Melting Tof”, a one-night program composed of a joyful mix of two short object and puppet theater pieces linked by a sparkling DJ Set, which awakens you to all the vitality that exists in old age. It takes place on the 19th of July and is repeated on the 20th, at 21:30 pm.


Yemada Quarteto - Photo: Lavrar o Mar
Yemada Quarteto – Photo: Lavrar o Mar


In line with current times, Teatro de Palha is occupied by the Portuguese theater companies Formiga Atómica and Hotel Europa and their shows about the climate crisis we face, “Terminal (O Estado do Mundo” (28 and 29 June) and “Climate Urgency” (July 05th and 06th), respectively.

The theater also hosts “Muda” (12 and 13 July), the new creation that results from the partnership of Companhia Clara Andermatt and INAC – Instituto Nacional das Artes do Circo, and which combines the new circus, dance, and aesthetics of silent cinema.

The Portuguese Club Makumba (July 21st) will also be present at this year's Teatro de Palha, with their latest work, a fusion journey through the sounds of the Mediterranean and imagined Africa.

In addition to the artistic program that can be enjoyed over the next five consecutive weekends, Teatro de Palha can be visited free of charge on any day of the week, between 10:30 am and 18:00 pm, always in the company of one of the team members from Lavrar o Mar.

The exhibition “Less than nothing is not equal to everything” by photographer João Mariano can be seen permanently there, which challenges us, above all, to be aware of what we do not see.

The detailed program is available on the Lavrar o Mar cooperative, where you can also buy tickets, whose prices vary depending on the show.



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