Sul Informação is in Czechia to participate in the Local Journalism Festival

Nuno Costa has been participating in the panel “How to give new life to local journalism in Europe? Good practices and discoveries»

Nuno Costafounder of Sul Informação and coordinator of the project “Do you have a News for Us?”, is today and tomorrow, June 17th and 18th, in Brno, Czechia, to participate in the Local Journalism Festival, at the invitation of the organization.

In the Czech city, representatives of the first and second rounds of beneficiaries of the financing system for the Local Media for Democracy project are gathered (Local Media for Democracy or LM4D), with local journalists, journalists' organizations, civil society, some of the research teams and policy makers, to discuss news deserts in the EU.

This morning, Nuno Costa has been participating in the panel “How to give new life to local journalism in Europe? Good practices and discoveries", making known the our new tool called “Got News for Us?”, released on February 29th.

The development of this new functionality had the support of the project Local Media for Democracy (LM4D) Journalismfund Europe, to combat news deserts, in which the Local Journalism Festival is included.

This panel is intended to share the concrete results of the LM4D project, which uses data from research and mapping carried out on news deserts, to develop better policies and a better support system for local media. They will be shared by newspapers that benefited from the support, such as Sul Informação, good practices and your experience.



A tool “Do you have news for us?” aims to create a direct communication channel between the public and our newsroom. Through this tool, readers can send information that will be verified and, eventually, transformed into news by our journalists.

The tool also aims to combat news deserts, as it allows our newspaper to gain a new way of obtaining information about what is happening in all municipalities and parishes in the Algarve and Baixo Alentejo, even the most distant and isolated ones, producing a greater volume of relevant information for readers.

This morning, the Festival, which takes place in the Czech city of Brno, also focuses on the issue of “Local journalism for democracy: combating far-right and illiberal trends”.

This panel will discuss the important role of local journalism, especially in combating the far right and disinformation. «We will see how the decline of journalism and local news and desertification could have an impact on our democracy», highlights the organization.

Besides Nuno Costa. Sul Informação, also participates in the Festival in Brno Catarina Carvalho, director of Message from Lisbon, local media that was supported in the first round of funding.


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