Nurses Union warns of “explosive situation” on SNS Line 24

Pedro Costa says that the nurses sent the complaints to the guardianship and considers it urgent «an intervention from the Ministry»

The Nurses' Union warned today of the "explosive situation" that exists on Line SNS 24, warning that there is a "growing revolt" among nurses who work there and many admit the possibility of a strike.

The Nurses' Union (SE) says in a statement that it became aware of the case through a presentation of nurses who work part-time on the line.

«The complaints that reach us point to constant pressure to avoid waiting calls on Line SNS 24, as the company that manages the line is subject to fines when this happens», says the president of SE Pedro Costa, in a statement.

Pedro Costa says that the nurses sent the complaints to the guardianship and considers it urgent «an intervention from the Ministry, as, ultimately, the entire line could be paralyzed».

The SE states that, among the main complaints it received and which were sent to all political parties, are the “lack of professional stability, the random way in which shifts are attended, the lack of a professional career and remuneration depending on the number of calls answered per hour and not taking into account the length of service, experience or even training of the nurses who provide care to the population on the SNS 24 Line»

«The quality of service and information provided to citizens may be at stake, as given the pressure exerted, many colleagues, in order not to waste time, fail to carry out a more exhaustive assessment of the health status of those on the other end of the line» , warns Pedro Costa.

According to the union leader, the recent reinforcement of powers of 808 24 24 24 has worsened the situation, highlighting that «many health units, particularly at hospital level, only intend to accept patients who are referred by Line SNS 24».

Pedro Costa says that the reports that reach the SE «denounce colleagues who are very worn out (…) and constantly pressured to work more shifts by the private company that manages the line».

«As there is no career associated with Line SNS 24, the majority of nurses who work there have no professional experience, they are merely service providers, who have their main job in another health unit», he adds.

According to the complaints that reached the SE, «shifts are assigned randomly and, under normal conditions, a nurse can have 8 to 12 shifts per month», which forces professionals to exchange shifts with each other, «as they do not always have availability for being on duty in the main job”.

«There is great dissatisfaction among the nurses who work there and, in the reports they give us, many are already talking about the possibility of a strike, without answering any calls, which, naturally, would completely block the SNS Line 24 and cause the collapse in service to the population», he maintains.

The union leader hopes that at the next meeting with the Ministry of Health, on June 20, the problem will be circumscribed and there will be “immediate solutions”, warning that it is the hospital emergency care itself that could be put at risk if the strike progresses.