Republished Algarve 2030 notice for training actions aimed at the Public Service

Applications are open until December 30th

The notice opening applications for Regional and local Public Administration Training, financed by the Algarve 2030 Program, has been republished and will be open until December 30, 2024.

Applications may be submitted regarding training actions “associated with modernization and administrative innovation projects and projects that qualify local and regional public administration workers for the development of processes of decentralization of competences from central administration to local administration and deconcentration processes for regional services, particularly in areas such as education, health, culture, social action, transport or housing", according to the Regional Coordination and Development Commission.

Local authorities, inter-municipal communities, Regional Coordination and Development Commissions and “other public or private non-profit entities whose social purpose or recognized practice is to intervene in training activities for targeted recipients may submit applications, as long as they are integrated into an application in cooperation and coordinated by beneficiaries identified in the previous paragraphs».

The allocation made available in this notice is 1,2 million euros, coming from the European Social Fund Plus, and the application period runs continuously until December 30, 2024.