PSP detained 9 people this weekend

Two of them in downtown Faro, for drug trafficking

This weekend, the PSP arrested nine people for the crimes of disobedience, forgery of documents, driving without a legal license and driving while drunk, at Gago Coutinho Airport and in the cities of Faro, Olhão, Portimão and Lagos.

In a statement, the PSP highlights the detention of a foreign citizen accused of the crime of forgery of documents, by the Airport Security and Border Control Division, at the Border Post at Gago Coutinho International Airport.

The citizen wanted, according to the PSP, to travel with a residence permit “which showed several signs of having been forged, which was later confirmed, and he was arrested.”

In the city of Faro, as part of patrolling downtown, two men were approached on suspicion of selling drugs, one of whom tried to escape, having been intercepted.

The suspect had, in his possession, approximately 10 individual doses of hashish and 156 euros in cash that are suspected to have come from this illicit activity.

They were also detained, in the same period, in the cities of Faro, Olhão, Portimão and Lagos, seven other citizens for road crimes.