PSP arrests 4 people in the last 24 hours in the Algarve

In the cities of Faro and Portimão and at Gago Coutinho Airport

The PSP arrested, in the last 24 hours, in the Algarve, four citizens, for the crimes of robbery, use of someone else's identification document and aggression and insults against a law enforcement officer, in the cities of Faro and Portimão and at Gago Coutinho International Airport.

The arrest of two citizens for insults and attacks on police occurred in the Praia da Rocha area, in Portimão, early this morning, following an alert about disrespect in a commercial establishment.

According to the PSP, the police from the Intervention Corps who were patrolling that area came across two men suspected of having caused damage and threatened the establishment's employees and, in the presence of the police, insulted and tried to attack the police, having been , therefore, detained.

In the city of Faro, during yesterday, a man suspected of several robbery crimes was arrested in that city.

To steal them, the man “threatened and attacked the victims, with the intention of stealing money and other goods from them”. Following investigations carried out by the Criminal Investigation Squadron of Faro, it was possible to identify and locate the suspect, yesterday, and he was arrested, out of the act of committing a crime.

Finally, at the end of yesterday, at the border post at Gago Coutinho International Airport, during police control to cross the border, a man was detained who was using a third party's identification document. In view of the evidence collected, the suspect was detained until later presentation to the judicial authority.