Portimão and Lagoa: PSP detains 11 people and seizes 17 thousand doses of cocaine, heroin and hashish

Operation of the Criminal Investigation Squadron of the PSP of Portimão

Ten men and one woman, aged between 17 and 51, were arrested, while three more suspects were charged, and more than 17 doses of cocaine, heroin and hashish and 35.800 euros in cash were also seized. This is the balance of the operation which, This Monday, that police carried out in the municipalities of Portimão and Lagoa, with the support of the GNR. 

In a statement sent to newsrooms today, the PSP adds that "more than 8,5 kilograms of hashish, enough for 16.755 individual doses, 509 doses of cocaine, 302 doses of heroin, 64 cylinders of nitrous oxide, eight motor vehicles, four cartridges and ammunition, a bladed weapon, various weighing and packaging material for narcotic products and, also, around 35.800 euros that are suspected to originate from illicit activity».

“Stolen material that served as payment for drugs” was also seized, such as two drones and two scooters, which will be returned “to their legitimate owners”.

According to information released yesterday about this operation by the Criminal Investigation Squadron of the PSP of Portimão, around 20 searches were carried out, both at home and outside the home.

The searches resulted from an investigation that had been ongoing for around a year, «with the aim of combating drug trafficking in the region, particularly in the municipalities of Portimão, Lagoa, Silves and Lagos», explains the PSP.

The detainees will be presented to the Judicial Authority “predictably during today”, for the application of coercive measures.