PS argues that it would be an “unforgivable” mistake to postpone the tender for the new hospital to include private management

Socialists want the plan carried over from the previous Government to be used and to launch a public tender for the construction of the Central Hospital.

File Image – Photo: Hugo Rodrigues | Sul Informação

PS Algarve considers that it will be an «inexcusable and unforgivable political error» if the Government decides to «postpone for the second time the construction of the Algarve Central Hospital, for clinical allocation to private individuals, as the PSD/Algarve wants».

In a press release, the Algarve socialists accuse the PSD Algarve of wanting to “condition the Minister of Health” and announce “decisions that she herself did not take”.

In cause here is a statement from the social democrats, regarding the hearing of Ana Paula Martins in the health committee of the Assembly of the Republic, where, accuses the PS, it is stated what the minister «did not say, but that the leaders of the PSD Algarve, on a whim and purely ideological reasons, want the Government does”.

«The Minister of Health did not say that the Government would launch a PPP for the medical and clinical management of the new Algarve Central Hospital as the PSD Algarve intends. It would even be serious if it had done so, because in that case the Government would have to throw away the functional plan and project of the new hospital», they illustrate.

The plan «was developed over the last two years by the Socialist Party, was completed in the Governments' transition portfolio and means that the competition for the construction of the new Algarve Central Hospital can finally be opened».

«The PS Algarve federation urges the Minister of Health to resist strictly ideological pressure from her party and, as she did for the new Lisbon airport, take advantage of the work carried out by the previous Government to immediately open the international competition for the construction of the new Hospital Central do Algarve», ask the socialists.

«The PSD stopped awarding the new hospital in the Algarve in 2011. We hope that now in 2024 the PSD will not give up on its construction for the second time», they add.

The PS Algarve federation also argues that health responses in the Algarve, «particularly in hospital matters, are integrated, responding in a collective and supportive way to all Algarve residents regardless of whether they live in the center of the Algarve, in Sotavento or Barlavento. We will not allow differentiation in the quality of health care between different hospitals».

«It is therefore important to ask the Government to clarify whether a possible Public Private Partnership for the clinical management of the new Algarve Central Hospital, as the PSD Algarve wants, would also include the hospitals in Portimão and Lagos or if we would have an Algarve for two speeds and people in the Algarve with different health responses depending on where they live», they conclude.