Total income from tourist accommodation grows 11% until April to 1.421 million euros

According to INE

Total income from tourist accommodation rose 10,6% up to April, compared to the same period last year, to 1.421,4 million euros, the National Statistics Institute (INE) announced today.

According to tourism statistics, published today by INE, income from accommodation increased by 10,3% to 1.054,1 million euros.

The rise in these incomes occurred during a period in which the number of guests and overnight stays also increased. Between January and April, 8,19 million guests and 20,02 million overnight stays were registered in Portugal. The average stay over these four months was 2,44 nights, 0,6 nights less than a year before.

Between January and April, overnight stays from non-residents grew by 5,4%, while overnight stays from residents fell by 1,7%.

In the month of April alone, total income from tourist accommodation was recorded at 508,8 million euros, up 3,4%, while income from accommodation rose 2,8%, to 383,7 million euros.

The increase in income from tourist accommodation in April occurred in a context of a decrease in the number of guests (-3,6%, to 2,6 million) and overnight stays (-4,2%, to 6,6 million).

Considering most accommodation facilities (tourist accommodation establishments, camping and holiday camps and youth hostels), there were 2,8 million guests and 7,0 million overnight stays in April, corresponding to year-on-year decreases of 4,9. 5,3% and XNUMX%, respectively.

In April, the municipality of Lisbon accounted for 20,9% of total overnight stays (10,5% of total residents and 24,8% of non-residents), with the municipality of Albufeira also standing out, “due to the significant decrease ( -13,5%), which was due to the decrease in overnight stays from residents (-25,3%) and non-residents (-10,8%).

In the month under review, the average income per available room (RevPAR) stood at 62,7 euros (-0,5%) and the average income per occupied room (ADR) reached 109,3 euros (+4,3% ).

ADR reached the highest values ​​in Greater Lisbon (148,9 euros), Alentejo (106,2 euros) and Madeira (104,5 euros).