Teachers and students from São Brás de Alportel launch detective book written by different hands

Work was created within the scope of the “Writing Detectives” project

The detective book “Trip Penitence”, written by several hands as part of the “Writing Detectives” project that involved three teachers and a group of students from the 11th and 12th years of Escola Secundária José Belchior Viegas, was released on June 4th, at the Municipal Gallery of São Brás de Alportel.

The work, which was published by the Chamber of São Brás and Alportel, has as its godfather the writer Bruno M. Franco.

The book is written by Ana Correia, Ana Mendes, Bernardo Fonseca, Carolina Gregório, Cláudia Fonseca, Ema Jesus, Joana Palma, Margarida Mendonça, Maria Isidoro, Rodrigo Conde and Vítor Nunes, with illustrations by Ana Correia, Ana Mendes and Marta Isidoro and cover by Tiago Narciso.

The creation of this work is the result of a challenge launched by teachers, which was accepted by several young people, who “responded with enthusiasm, launching themselves into this writing adventure”.

«The creation of the police officer involved the most diverse disciplines, with the collaboration of many teachers and many entities, who provided interesting visits, including to security services and forces.

«”Triple Penance” is not just a book. It is a celebration of the creative potential of our students and the educational excellence that our school, whose motto is: “AEJBV… A Happy School!”, seeks to promote daily", said Sónia Figueiredo, director of the José Belchior Viegas School Group, who hopes that this work can «inspire not only members of our school, but also readers of our walls, to delve into worlds of infinite possibilities».

The Municipal Council of São Brás de Alportel ensured the publication of the work, which for councilor Marlene Guerreiro, responsible for the municipality's Education, Culture, Heritage and Youth departments, is «of the greatest relevance, due to the experiences it provides and the skills that develops in these young people who are currently continuing to write the pages of the history of the municipality that celebrates 110 years».

The Mayor of the City Council, Vitor Guerreiro, highlighted the importance of the achievement of young people, «who are beginning to follow in the footsteps of men and women from São Brasá who have made themselves known in the history of the municipality through their intellectual power, creative capacity and ability to immortalize his name through writing in the most diverse forms, as is the case of Estanco0 Louro, Roberto Nobre, Bernardo de Passos and José Dias Sancho».

The work is now available for purchase, for the cost of 10 euros, at the City Hall, at the Dr. Estanco Louro Municipal Library and in the municipality's bookstores, and can also be purchased directly, via post, if requested from the Municipality's Office: 289 840 019 / [email protected].