Mayor of Albufeira announces measures against excesses of tourists on Rua da Oura

President of the Chamber called an emergency meeting with all security forces and associations in the tourism sector

The behavior of tourists in Albufeira will soon be regulated by a Code of Conduct, announced the City Council of this Algarve municipality, after the incidents that occurred at the weekend in the bar area of ​​Praia da Oura, when eight British tourists were filmed naked , in broad daylight.

According to SIC, the situation was repeated in more than one bar. A group of British men, between 35 and 50 years old, decided to show themselves naked in broad daylight. The GNR, which was called, was no longer able to catch them in the act, but, even so, eight Englishmen were identified and the case went to the Public Prosecutor's Office.

The president of Albufeira City Council, in a statement, states that he is “determined to put limits on excesses” and will even ask the Minister of Internal Administration for a meeting to discuss strengthening security.

For now, Mayor José Carlos Rolo called an emergency meeting, last Wednesday, the 19th, with all security forces and associations. The GNR, the Port Authority of Portimão, the Algarve Bartenders Association and several associations in the tourism sector were present, such as AHRESP Albufeira – Association of Hotels, Restaurants and Similar Services of Portugal, APAL – Albufeira Promotion Agency, ACALB – Association Comercial de Albufeira, AHISA – Association of Hotel and Similar Industries of the Algarve and APECATE – Portuguese Association of Congress, Tourist Entertainment and Event Companies.

According to the Chamber, «the invitation to these class structures was linked to the intention of raising awareness among businesspeople associated with the aforementioned structures, so that they do not allow the behavioral excesses that have been occurring within and in the space surrounding their establishments».

After listening to the opinions of everyone present, José Carlos Rolo determined that a Code of Conduct will be created to be applied in the municipality's public space, and a commission responsible for its preparation must be created for this purpose.

Another measure will be the beginning of the urban requalification process on Avenida Sá Carneiro, the street with bars in Oura.

The Mayor regrets that «Albufeira's image is damaged by incidents such as those that have occurred in the bar areas, when, in the rest of the municipality, security and tranquility have been a continuous record, as evidenced by the annual demand for tourists , especially from families, whether from abroad or Portuguese».

Just recently, at the beginning of April, Albufeira City Council presented its “Development, Promotion and Attraction of New Tourists for Albufeira” for the period until 2030, which aims, precisely, to change the image of the municipality as a tourist destination of excess. The current image and perception of Albufeira «as a mass destination with some excesses associated with nightlife constitutes one of our main challenges», it was then highlighted.

In view of the events of last weekend, whose videos invaded social networks and television channels, José Carlos Rolo emphasizes that he understands «the need for social spaces and nightlife», but guarantees that he is «determined to limit attitudes and behaviors of some of its visitors when the limits of a municipality with its own culture and identity are exceeded».

«It makes no sense for us to have created a strategy, it makes no sense for us to spend money on promotion for cases of this type to happen, which are profoundly negative and do not dignify anyone», concludes the mayor of Albufeira.


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