Deadline to submit IRS ends on Sunday

5,6 million declarations have already been submitted

The deadline for submitting the annual IRS declaration came last week, with data available on the Finance Portal indicating that, so far, 5.644.378 declarations have been submitted.

Compared to the declarations submitted in 2023, those 5,64 million correspond to around 700 thousand fewer, according to the same data.

Delivery of the IRS declaration began on April 01st and ends next Sunday, June 30th, with the rules dictating that, despite the last day of the deadline coinciding with the weekend, there is no room for extension of the period. term.

Of the 5,64 million declarations already submitted, the majority (3,61 million) are from people who in 2023 only had income from dependent employment and/or pensions, which corresponds to categories A and H, respectively.

Taxpayers who last year obtained income from other categories, namely categories B (self-employment or local accommodation, for example), F (rent) or E (capital), have so far submitted 2,03 million declarations.

The latest data from the Ministry of Finance regarding this year's IRS campaign indicate that by the end of the first week of June, 2.074 refunds had been paid, totaling 2.002,7 million euros.

The law determines that the deadline for settlement of declarations is July 31st, with refunds being able to be paid until August 31st.

The last day of August is also the deadline for paying the missing tax, for taxpayers who received collection notes.