Rocha and Alvor beaches reinforced with 15 watchtowers for lifeguards

Location included the collaboration and monitoring of Rocha Rescue – Association of Aquatic Rescue and Assistance to Bathers

Watchtower on Alvor beach

15 watchtowers for lifeguards are operating on the beaches of Rocha and Alvor, following a protocol for the transfer of structures, now until the 2025 bathing season, established between the Vodafone Portugal Foundation and the Municipality of Portimão.

The measure is the result of the “Healthy Beach” program, with the location and placement of the towers being carried out by a company hired by the municipality, with the collaboration and monitoring of Rocha Rescue – Association of Water Rescue and Assistance to Bathers, an entity licensed by the Institute of Relief for Shipwrecked.

This entity “also participated in the implementation of the integrated rescue plan in force, aimed at optimizing technical and operational resources”, highlights the Chamber.



However, the Blue Flag was raised again yesterday, June 11, on the beaches of Rocha, Três Castelos, Vau, Três Irmãos, Alvor and the Portimão Marina, «attesting that the municipality's bathing resorts meet the most demanding criteria in terms of information and environmental education, water quality, environmental management and equipment, without forgetting the safety and quality of services provided to bathers».

The ecotourism vessels “Sun Cat I” and “Sun Boat I”, both operated by the tourist company Sun Boat Trips, operating from the port of Portimão, were also distinguished.

A European symbol reserved for beaches, pleasure ports and marinas, the Blue Flag has been raised on the beaches of Portimão since 1987 and will wave in the wind until the end of the current bathing season, with the main objective of raising awareness of the need for protection. of the marine and coastal environment.



The Accessible Beach – Beach for All flag is also back on the beaches of Rocha, Vau, Três Irmãos, Alvor and Marina de Portimão, once again distinguished for meeting requirements such as easy pedestrian access, without obstacles for people with reduced mobility , orderly parking with spaces reserved for vehicles serving people with reduced mobility, walkways over the sand and the existence of adapted sanitary facilities, among other aspects.

In turn, Quercus – National Association for Nature Conservation awarded the “Golden Quality” award to the sea water that bathes the beaches of Rocha, Três Castelos, Careanos, Barranco das Canas, Vau, Alvor-nascente and Alvor-poente .

The main criterion for this distinction has to do with the obligation for the water quality to have been “excellent” in the last five bathing seasons (2019 to 2023), based on analyzes carried out in the laboratories of the different Regional Hydrographic Administrations, especially in terms of indicators bacterial.



This year, Praia da Rocha was once again awarded the Five Star Regions Award in terms of seaside resorts, revalidating the prominence achieved in previous editions by this evaluation system, which recognizes the best that exists and is done in the country in several areas.

Once again considered the main Algarve icon of its category in terms of national interest, Praia da Rocha stretches for almost two kilometers and has a wide wooden walkway, recently replaced by Portimão City Council in an investment of more than one million euros, along which various support infrastructures operate, such as restaurants, a sports area and a children's playground.